This was my third session with these friends. LAST TIME was right after Baby Ella was born so it was time for an updated family shot. Sarah and Frederick and their kids were just champs. After good amounts of sunshine all day, right before we met, things got windy and cold and the rain fell torrentially. Eek. I was busy figuring out a plan B but then it cleared up and we just went for it. I tell you, this is where the great attitude of these parents came in. We jumped around to stay warm, ran around with the kids, played, and they did amazingly. I used to really stress about the weather but it always, always works out. LLLLLLOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEE this one! The two older kids are messing around (probably with me provoking it) and Ella was giving us a very dubious look. Concerned she was.

IMG 1807 copy

IMG 1808 copy

Gorgeous little faces. What lovely soft hearts these ones have!

IMG 1833 copy edited-2

Baby Ella was right as sleeptime but her mommy knew just how to bounce her around and get a brilliant smile out of her.

IMG 1848 copy edited-1

IMG 1863 copy

IMG 1881 copy

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