Senior pictures are such a treat to photograph. There are a lot of very styled and trendy photographers out there who photograph seniors, but I'm not very styled or trendy. My approach is to get some clean, fresh images that truly reflect the special person about to head into an amazing new season of life.

I've known Heather since she was a tiny girl and she is truly radiant. She's extremely pretty which is only accentuated by her caring and tender heart. She's a softy who has a gentle way about her of making others feel very loved and cared for. She loves the Lord and serves others in a quiet manner that doesn't draw attention to herself but because of her warmth, everyone is drawn to her.

Her sister is a super talented photographer, and I've so admired her work as she's photographed local families and friends, including Heather. One of my favorites was their 1950's shoot they did with a bunch of girlfriends! As a result of being in front of ther sister's camera, she's a great model and super comforatable with the camera. I felt lucky that I also was able to document her for this senior year.


02-IMG 1167 copy


03-IMG 1181 copy


04-IMG 1199 copy


05-IMG 1225 copy


06-IMG 1230 copy

I often, during a shoot, will have someone just look at me so I can take a few shots of them without smiling. Heather pretty much couldn't do it. She is so full of joy and beauty and just smiles all the time. We actually laughed at her attempt to notsmile.

I just love this next one. It's not really remarkable as far as composition goes but the way she's relaxed and happy with such a sweet countenance makes me heart glad. This is what I want my sessions to be like, when someone feels comfortable enough with me to shine their true self.

07-IMG 1232 copy


08-IMG 1240 copy


09-IMG 1253 copy


10-IMG 1263 copy

It was an ideal location and with the sun peeking though, just perfect!

11-IMG 1274 copy

1-Heather Gallery


12-IMG 1294 copy


13-IMG 1308 copy


14-IMG 1299 copy


15-IMG 1323 copy


16-IMG 1325 copy


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18-IMG 1336 copy


19-IMG 1340 copy


20-IMG 1343 copy


21-IMG 1358 copy


22-IMG 1351 copy


23-IMG 1367 copy


24-IMG 1372 copy

Really love this one too :).

25-IMG 1381 copy


26-IMG 1391 copy

Then we popped in a few pictures with her pretty sister, Hannah, and her mom who confesses to be a chronic photo blinker. Good thing we have digital images, Jan, so we could take 7 of each shot (six blinking, one not ;) ).

27-IMG 1304 copy


28-IMG 1221 copy


29-IMG 1363 copy

Heather, I love you, sweet girl and it was such a treat to have this time with you. Your beauty and grace will be a blessing to many!

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