At last! Kelly and I have been looking forward to her family pictures for a long, long time. A while back she got her boss and his beautiful wife a gift certificate for a family session. She's cheered on our mutual friends and made lovely comments on every one else's sessions. It was high time that we got her wonderful family in front of the camera. I had such a fun time with Kelly and Eric and their boys, Ethan and Eli, and her parents. They were easygoing, kept things light and moving for the boys, and were happily themselves. It's always so easy for me when I can walk right into a session and have people that love each other so much, be ready to relax and be themselves together. Nobody I photograph feels like supermodels, I know, but just having a good time together and being willing to play around always gives us a great outcome.

PLUS Kelly got the cutest hat! Hello, Etsy. Hello, fun mama.

Here's little Eli. What a honey of a boy.

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Ethan was pretty amazing. Not many second grade boys are quite so on board and attentive. He tried anything I suggested and had such a super attitude as he played with his brother.

What a heart.

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See, the hat, the hat! Isn't she adorable?

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IMG 3059 copyw

IMG 3067 copy edited-1

No wondering who looks like his awesome dad. Those boys sure have a good time with their daddy.

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Love that the grandparents were there for some pictures too!

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What a wonderful kid.

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Don't choke your brother!!

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Then we hopped down the road to Scholtz Farm. Kelly had it all scoped out. It's a great pumpkin patch that we have been to with our kids and on preschool field trips too.

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Don't run me overrrrrrrrrrrr!

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Kelly and her mom, Donna.

IMG 3364 copy edited-1

Taking a peek at the donkey. That's the word the family uses for that animal, right Kelly?

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IMG 3454 copyw

IMG 3447 copy edited-1

It was a happy time. Kelly, so glad we got it on the calendar and made it happen! I'll photograph your family anytime :).

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