The first time I met Cindy was when Ruby and I were checking out preschools a year and a half ago. We walked into the preschool where Cindy is director and were enveloped by her warmth, and within a couple of minutes, Ruby looked up at me and said, "I want to go this school, Mum." I agreed.

Cindy introduced me to her sister and I had the joy of taking some family pictures for them just a couple of months ago, when their son, Ethan, was just a wee fellow. So I was very excited to meet up with the whole bunch of them at the pumpkin patch for a session.

And just as I felt so drawn to Cindy the first time I met her, the whole family has this great sense of enjoying each other. It makes me want to invite myself over to their next get together just to hang out.

FYI, some of you who have asked me about clothes for upcoming sessions: you will notice that everyone has on outfits that fit their personality and look good on them but have textures and tones that work really well together. They are unified but not cookie cutter. Good job!

Here are the sisters, Cindy and Lauri. You can tell just how tortured they are to have to hang out together.

IMG 5660 copy

Little Ethan is a cutie who some of you will recognize from the baby galleries. His hand and his mouth seemed to be magnetized together today and most of the time he was grinning and trying to shove his fist in his mouth. The pumpkin is sparkly clean, thanks to some wet wipes, which I believe are some of the best inventions ever!

IMG 5453 copywat

Cindy, Jacob, Dan and David...whose birthday it was today. The boys were absolutely awesome, and knew that at the end of the session they would get to run the cornstalk maze together with their walkie talkies. How cool is that?

IMG 5554 copybwwat

Dennie, Lauri and Ethan.

IMG 5493 copywat

The whole gang good looking family.

IMG 5612 copywat

Here are the strapping men in the family...handsome, eh....though they may have had a little too much vitamin A recently.

IMG 5595 copywat

Aunties are some of the best people are cute, squishy nephews.

IMG 5650 copywat

What a sweet little buddy.

IMG 5673 copywat

This family must have very flat tops of their heads as they were able to balance those little guys for a long, long ways :)

IMG 5692 copywat

I had such a great time with you....hope you enjoyed your sneak peek...if you ever made it out of that huge cornfield maze.

IMG 5720 copywat

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