So much for the nursing cover up. "Yup!I see her eating!" says Jasper the baby lover. IMG 1543 copy


This weekend, my dad found an old picture I made for him when I was little for Father's Day. I'm glad he's my dad.

IMG 1611 copy


If I'd had any idea that I'd be running the bride and groom around at any point, I certainly would have washed my dirty little Malibu!! Fortunately, I am pretty sure they didn't even notice as they were beaming at each other :) .

IMG 3685 copy


Sneaky, sneaky.

IMG 4235 copy


I told him I'd miss him so much when he was gone to kindergarten each day. He told me he would be fine because Evelyn and Kendall would be there. Here we go.....

IMG 4451 copy


I was one soggy mummy today as we brought Jasper to kindergarten for his first official day (yesterday was just orientation). These two are going to have opposite schedules this year with T in preschool in the morning and J in kinder in the afternoons. They're going to miss each other. I feel a blog post coming on....

IMG 4648 copy


Someone decided it was high time that he was allowed free access to the fridge.

IMG 4737 copy


As much as I adore Tymen, there are times he wears me to a nub. Today I was all over him for chewing on the bottoms of his flipflops, breaking off chunks of foam from his carseat, pulling on the blades of the ceiling fan and breaking the fixture from the top bunk. This was the icing on the cake....a plunger strategically placed over my lemonade. 6:30 bedtime it is.

IMG 4767 copy


It certainly wasn't Ben's idea to reorganize and paint the garage but he went with it and painted along with me after he worked at cutting out wall and installing our new a/c (yay!!). That blue pegboard (which I thought would be a fun idea) where his tools go reminds me that he is so good to me. You're the best, Baby.

IMG 4760 copy

Tymen insisted on bringing flowers to his teachers today :) .

IMG 4856 copy

Ruby loves to take care of him and even though he's no light weight she carries him around. We call him our tub of butter.

IMG 5190 copy


He's pretty clueless in his first few practices of soccer but he's having a lot of fun and is pretty tickled that if they "do well" they get a treat. Snacks at the end are a powerful motivator. His team is called the Sea Huskies (a nice hybrid since there were two opinions).

IMG 5127 copy

First homework assignment of his school career. I think he nailed it.

IMG 5205 copy

I'll do just about anything to get him to laugh like this. (Cream of sweet potato soup around his mouth).

IMG 5262 copy

Sitting on the couch is never truly relaxing when Theo is around. He climbs, kisses, hugs, squishes and then collapses on us. (We don't mind.)

IMG 5374 copy

I am incredibly thankful to be sharing my life with Ben, who's such a great husband and an amazing daddy, who cares for his family with all of his heart. AND seeing his arm in this picture makes me extremely thankful that he didn't lose his arm in his motorcycle accident almost 11 years ago (God knew he'd need it to haul around all these kids). I love you, Ben.

IMG 5404 copy

Today Jasper took out his own library book and read the whole thing to himself word for word. My mama's heart is so proud. Dora and the Unicorn.

IMG 5485 copy

Jasper has been pining for Tymen while he's been with Oma and Opa the last few days. He's missed his best buddy. (Within an hour, they were scuffling around about something but it sure is good to see the loyalty they have for each other.)

IMG 5490 copy

Theo sings the "Bock, Bock" song along with the Princesses of Poultry. Great sound track from the Muppets!

IMG 5571 copy

His life is certainly not boring. They'll do just about anything to get him to giggle.

IMG 5629 copy

This was at the airport picking up Ben after he had worked in Santa Barbara all week. These quarterly trips remind us how lucky we are to have him working from home the rest of the time.

IMG 5732 copy

The classic cuzzies in the bath picture that they'll love us for later. They are learning how to share.

IMG 6072 copy

We have a picture in the Kasteel album of chubby baby Kelly wailing on big sister Cassandra's lap. Verse two.

IMG 6267 copy

New specs are being ordered after a visit to the optometrist today.

IMG 6472 copy

Everyone just came bouncing in the door after soccer practice with blue tongues and a sugar high after the ice cream man gave them a free round of sour wowers. Daddy gets to do bedtime tonight.

IMG 6490 copy

Soon we'll be onto solving the world's problems but for now Jasper is figuring out animal leg sums. I love: that he wrote his name backwards, the long legs on the pig and his twirly tail.

IMG 6875 copy

Mousie is one of the most important things in my camera bag :)

IMG 7340 copyw

It's the block of time that I routinely have to make the magic happen...naptime when the two littlest are down and the two oldest are in school. Yes, I always sit this way and I really love our bright, cozy office.

IMG 6928 copy

Uncle Maik brought Haribo gummy bears from Germany. He's been building with the boys and reading Ripley's Believe It or Not with Ruby and is a huge hit here.

IMG 6943 copy

Much of our conversations revolve around the Muppets. This is a bit of foreshadowing of what the kids' hats will be this fall...eeek!

IMG 7742 copy-001