Have you ever ever given in to this temptation? Someone was definitely glad he did!

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Took this one laying on the ground under our maple in the front yard. It was all good until Theo came and tackled my head. Boys.

02-IMG 7807 copy

I asked Ben to grab the camera and ran the kids across the street tonight to the last sliver of sunlight on the sidewalk. I want there to be lots and lots and lots of pictures of me with them, loving these crazies of mine.

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As busy and packed as each day is, every morning when I drop off Ruby I feel a bit amazed at how quickly I am back in that drop off lineup at school. (I give her a hug and kiss every day, even in front of the other kids.)

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Ruby dug into my old scrapbooking cupboard and made herself a binder cover that delighted my heart. Of course she put a picture on of her bookend and showed how much she loves him. I also like how she described herself. Fun. Joker. Responsible. Crafty. Rich. (She explained it was because she's got a lot of blessings).

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He's been pretty much living in his dragon costume since I brought it home. It may be kind of grimy by the end of the month.

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After this we purchased 70 lbs. worth of pumpkins. Ben says that the kids can have the heaviest ones that they can carry.

07-IMG 9920 copy1

After this we purchased 70 lbs. worth of pumpkins. Ben says that the kids can have the heaviest ones that they can carry.

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When we come home, I say, "How was everyone?" Maggie says, "Oh, they were just great." Even if they were absolute stinkerpies, she'd tell us they were great because she's a sweetheart. Thanks for loving our crazies, Maggie! We're so lucky to have you!

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He was a wee bit cranky after his nap today so I took him to Ruby's room to cozy with him on the rocker. I asked him if he wanted milk? a treat? a book? his puppy? To all he replied, "Mo." (No). When I asked him if he wanted cheese he brightened immediately. Dutch boy he is.

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I share just about everything in my life right now but I don't share Trader Joe's Morello Cherries. They are all mine. Nobody gets even a bite....except me.

11-IMG 1969 copy

Today the kids and I ran out to Carpinito's to stock up on lots of fall veggies: sugar pumpkins, Danish squash, beets, brussels sprouts, and a big box of pears. They each got two miniature pumpkins too that they're going to paint and decorate this afternoon.

12-IMG 0327 copy

I had been dreaming of weather reports as we got closer to fall mini session day which I do rain or shine. This is what the weather looked like on the way home. It was pretty good for the first part of the day and then it poured. Fortunately, we had a gorgeous covered location with beautiful light and everyone was totally awesome. I'm really happy with what we got and once again am confident that it always works out.

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We had a cozy time in the office this afternoon, listening to the rain outside. Ruby was working on her homemade joke book. They boys created a castle for the pumpkin people they made out of miniature pumpkins. I had a coffee at my desk and candle burning as I spent an hour putting my September pictures into our yearly Shutterfly album. Down time is the best.

14-IMG 1935 copy

She was THRILLED to find this shirt and thinks it's hilarious.

15-IMG 8883 copypotd

Can't even say how happy it makes me to see these every day. Grateful for my pumpkins. (Ruby calls the one on the left that Tymen found "the conjoined pumpkin twins".)

16-IMG 3011 copy

Ruby's first photo shoot with me. Oh my, we had fun.

17-IMG 2847 copy

Waiting for the school bus in their new muppet hats!

18-IMG 3027 copy

When he's thirty years old, I will still love this picture. His feety pajamas with his chubby belly and the way he watches "La-lee" (Daddy) when he brushes his teeth.

19-IMG 3272 copy

There were a few noodles on the ground when it was all over.

20-IMG 3294 copy

Can't believe our Theo will be two this week...but he will always be our baby. SO THANKFUL for the blessing of our children.

21-IMG 3389 copy

Best thing I did all day. How her face lit up when I walked into her class with a special lunch. It's the little things that are the big things so many times

22-IMG 3793 copy

We had the BEST morning at the Pike Place Market today with some of the dearest people to my heart...Pastors Eric and Susan. What a treat to have some time with them while they are in town. (Kermie knows how to get close to the sweetest people. Theo loans his hat to Pastor E to ward off the Seattle cold).

23-IMG 3823 copy

The boys were hard at work, crafting cards for Theo to enjoy for his birthday.

24-IMG 3913 copy

It's been a good day.

25-IMG 3964 copy

I spent a good morning with the boys at Tymen's field trip to the pumpkin patch. I am so grateful for these happy days and healthy, precious kids. Every day has blessing upon blessing.

26-IMG 4326 copy

Ruby and I went to Jo-Ann's tonight, the ultimate place of longing for a crafty girl like her.

27-IMG 4340 copy

Ben is always the one who's in charge of carving. I am happy to sit on the counter, take pictures, and laugh.

28-IMG 4671 copy

Daddy took all the boys to Jasper's soccer practice tonight. Ruby and I painted our toes and got crafty. She's sewing little pillows out of fabric bits and I sewed eyelashes and this hairclip onto the penguin hat that will be worn to the tree farm this year. Ahhhh, girltime.

29-IMG 4725 copy

When his spoon got a little too clean, he dipped it right in the pumpkin chocolate chip muffin tins that I left on the counter while I took pictures. It was his first time baking and he LOVED dumping things in the bowl and yelled "MO" (MORE THINGS TO DUMP, PLEASE!).

30-IMG 4865 copy

After partying in preschool and kindergarten classes today, we headed to the Harvest Festival at church tonight for lots more fun and games and ....candy! Scuba diver, cowboy, giraffe and dragon. LOVE these guys.

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