Without a doubt, this project is one of my favorites ever! Even though it's just a split second of every day, together this collection is such a picture of where our lives are at right now.

Here the boys are with my friend, Misty, who kindly came to hang with the gang while I was running around town getting ready to get out of town!

IMG 1212 copy


On transit to Paris!

IMG 1610 copy


Our first dinner in Paris: mussels and fries with bread and wine. Boy, did we eat for ten days straight! I stepped on the scale last night, even with all the walking I put on five pounds....worth every bite :) Now it's back to normal.

IMG 1705 copy


Ben and I mused our way through Shakespeare and Co., the quirkiest old bookstore I've even been in, right across from Notre Dame.

IMG 1859 copy


After all....it's the city of love :)

IMG 2474 copy


Art at the Louvre.....guess who was messing around....

IMG 2720 copy


Most days we were walking between four to eight hours to see the sights but we sure did give ourselves plenty of time to stop and enjoy it all.

IMG 2981 copy


oui, oui, oui :)

IMG 3351 copy


At the Palace of Versailles, standing in the room where the treaty was signed to end WW I.

IMG 3487 copy


On our last night in Paris, we had a picnic and then Ben saved me and my camera from a stinky camera snatcher, then we watched the lights come on the Eiffel Tower. Full story to come later :)

IMG 3703 copy


It wasn't our most elegant meal but we had to eat on the run to the airport so we stopped at one of our favorite bakeries for a to-go breakfast: quiche for Ben and not one but two croissants for me :)

IMG 3762 copy


When we arrived home from Paris after 22 hours of travel, we were met at the airport by Oma and Opa who had put all the kids in the van in their pajamas. The wild cheers that went up were entirely heartwarming. Here they are in their new berets. Jasper is classic.

IMG 4313 copy

Me with my treasures.

IMG 4082 copy

Happy times.

IMG 4147 copy edited-1

It's making me happy to walk on our front porch and see everything bursting with color. There's no place prettier to me at this time of year than the Northwest.

IMG 4854 copy

I love the way my wee boy croons to animals that he sees in books, on the street and little toys.

IMG 4877 copy

My sweet Tymen asks for hugs and kisses all day long. The other day he was pretending to sleep and I was teasing him and seeing if I could get him to smile. Finally, I said,"I guess I'm just going to have to pinch your bum." He cracked his eyes open and grinned at me, rolled over and threw his arms around me for a big smooch. This little boy fills my heart up.

IMG 5297 copy

This morning to Ben I said, "I'm SO glad Theo's ours. Can you imagine if he wasn't here? He's so sweet. He's ..."
Ben finished, "....the icing on the cake."

IMG 5350 copy

Strong sales tactics were used at the Lakeland Hills garage sale today....though we may have lost some friends.....IMG 5700 copy

Nothing like a good balloon birthday party with a pretty girl :)

IMG 6087 copy

I remember coming home from night classes at DBU and Mary, whose family I lived with, would leave me slices of strawberry pie on the counter.

IMG 6140 copy

We've been so thrilled with Art Wizards at school which Ruby does every Tuesday. My creative cat has always longed for art lessons like her Opa. It makes me happy to pick her up every week.

IMG 6167 copy

When he wants Ben to do this rhyme he says, "Weee-wee-wee" and then giggles like crazy.

IMG 6271 copy edited-1

I love dinnertime. Seeing my kids eat healthy food (aren't we blessed to live where there is always food available?), having conversations and laughing together. Often Theo yells when he spies something on someone's plate that he wants. We're working on that:)

IMG 6227 copy

We're proud of our Jeppy. He's ready to roll into kindergarten next.

IMG 6817 copy

We had a great day discovering a new park . It was so good to play in the sunshine. At first the soccer game was Theo and Daddy vs. Jasper, Tymen, Ruby but then Theo opted to eat and watch.

IMG 6873 copy

After a great morning at church and a nice Sunday lunch I put the kids down for naps and darkly warned them not to make a peep. I crawled into the depths of my own bed, slept like a rock for two hours and emerged happy to down my icy, creamy coffee. Happy mummy.

IMG 7584 copy

He was pretty cheesed with me after yelling, "Me, me, me, MEEEE!" and not getting more green smoothie (after three cups). Life is rough.

IMG 7685 copy

The family birthday dinner followed by apple pie for dessert! We are thankful we've had our precious Ruby for eight years. (What a bunch of goofballs!)

IMG 7837 copy

The boys found a little caterpillar that they named Sarah. They toted her around all morning, crooning to her and trying to force feed her grass. For a few moments she was lost and when Jasper found her he said, "Oh, she's pooping." On closer inspection, it seemed that there was a little too much poop and that she was indeed squashed. Jasper was sad and I found myself consoling him that she'd had a great life and it was especially good because she'd met him and Tymen. ( I didn't mention that maybe she wouldn't have perished without him and Tymen...it didn't seem like the right thing to say.) —

IMG 7709 copy

Guess whose kid was peeking during prayertime at our last Awana meeting tonight? Maybe he was concerned that someone would take off with the banana splits they were promised.

IMG 7875 copy

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