It's just a quick moment out of each day but I already know this collection of daily shots is going to be one of my favorite collections ever.

Tymen gets his sticker for saying his memory verse at Awana. SO thankful for the wonderful folks that teach our children God's Word, love them up, and have a whole lot of fun. I hear there was some fiasco last week with throwing banana split ingredients at some of the teachers for a game. Tymen crowed, "I frew a banana!!!"

IMG 9010 copy


During the golden hour.

IMG 9024 copy


I've been prowling around my yard and been encouraged by the leaves coming on my hydrangea bushes. Primroses are out. Clematises have buds and leaves starting. However, I always regret being to busy in the fall to plant bulbs. Next year!IMG 9280 copy

We have a little maple by our garage door and the boys can climb it and they yell things like, "I'm the strongest MAN in the WORLD!!" "I am the KING!!"

IMG 9223 copy


Sometimes a five minute cleanup job becomes a two hour clean up job.

IMG 9299 copy

The accused were sitting for their picture of the illegal haircutting activities. I managed to keep a straight face while I told them that I needed to take a picture so I could show Daddy and he could decide on a sad, sad consequence. Tymen couldn't resist the opportunity to use the free moments for one of his favorite activities. Ah boys, you sure make a lot of work for me but I also get a ton of laughs from you too.

IMG 9366 copy


Ah man, I love these boys.

IMG 9473 copy

We had our first picnic of the year today. It was pretty simple, just cheese and mayo sandwiches and apples but we were all so happy to get out of the house. The boys mucked around. I have been feeling quite sick all week but the sunshine and seeing my boys tromp happily in it made me feel so much better!

IMG 9951 copy

Ruby tries out the rock candy that she and Daddy made for the science fair. They had a ball working together on the project.

IMG 0228 copy edited-1

A birthday cuddle with his daddy, Giraffey, and "Lightning Saber"! Somehow that saber got pointed at me as I became the "Bad Guy Mama". Funny, five years ago I was the hero for giving birth :)

IMG 0455 copy

He gets thousands, possibly millions of kisses a day.

IMG 9768 copy1

I love saving their half hour of tv time to when I need it the I am making dinner. Eating popcorn on the couch is a veeeeeery special treat as I always have them eat only in the kitchen.

IMG 0567 copy

Oh, I am so pleased with how this fun gallery wall turned out in our family room (thanks to my sweetie for banging it all up for me). I love the color and the variety and it's....gasp...not even symmetrical! I am thinking about doing a blog post about some of the updates we've done to our home in the last few months.

IMG 0595 copy

First and last.

IMG 0727 copy

Sweet friends from Texas come visit us in torrentially rainy Seattle. As usual, Cindy is a ray of sunshine and picked me up these beautiful tulips at the market.IMG 0820 copy

Miss Cindy snuggles my boys. She's a big favorite around here. Jasper already told her she should stay forever.

IMG 1115 copy

Dad's raising them to appreciate the Irish in their blood too. (I heart the crossed ankles).

IMG 1646 copy

Ruby and I had a lovely teatime with Miss Cindy. Ruby was digging the girltime and downed four cups of tea (with heart sugar cubes) and a big coke (very rarely in her life does she get pop). Cindy and I used to put on Mother Daughter teas at our church and now it's a treat to have tea with my little girl and my friend.

IMG 1715 copy

Miss Cindy takes us for cupcake happiness.

IMG 2085 copy

The top toy at the Hamilton home....trios. The boys spend at least two hours building with them each day. We have a huge basket filled with them.

IMG 2172 copy

Most men I know think it's crazy/cannibalistic....but most women I know love a good munch on a fat baby. Roll that boy in butter and sugar and he can be my dessert. Mmmmmm.

IMG 2262 copy edited-1

"Mum, I know why I'm kind of cute. It's because I have this big freckle under my eye."
I'm glad I have my girl.

IMG 2343 copy

In a stroke of genius, we have decided to swap overnight babysitting with our dear friends. They have 1 girl and three boys too and we figure if you can handle four, you can handle eight. Last night Ben and I had gyros, shopped a little and hunkered down with ice cream and maltballs to watch Storage Wars at a great local hotel. Their night was a bit more interesting with Tymen creatively using the potty and crazies that were too excited to sleep. We'll be doing this until Leo and Theo are ready to head to college....

IMG 2642 copy

Oma and Opa with all the cuzzies at the Wiggle Bridge Park. Good times. Lots of chaos. A few minor injuries. And that was just Opa.

IMG 2819 copy

I totally indulged in potty talk to get some belly laughs out of these boys of mine. They are truly the best of buds.

IMG 3132 copy

Ruby's been growing her hair to donate to Locks of Love when she's got ten inches to give. We're guessing that we should be there by the end of summer.

IMG 3424 copy

The little bub knows how to throw his weight around.

IMG 3451 copy

Ruby and I met up with some wonderful girlfriends for an early dinner (corndogs for these two) and a purple/crackle/flowers on the thumbs manicure. They even got matching bracelets. Fun indeed. We were giggling at their girly enthusiasm in Claire's. "If I had this I would wear it. EVERY.DAY!!!"

IMG 3597 copy

Bedhead. Dimples on his hands. Soft, warm face. I want to memorize him.

IMG 3543 copy

After I finished taking their preschool portraits today, I took a quick shot of Jasper and his sweet friend, Evelyn. Without prompting, he swung his arm around her and leaned in close :) On the way home, he sighed and said, "I just loooooove taking pictures with my friend, Evelyn."

IMG 4082 copyw edited-1

Uh-oh. Theo drops his cup while the cuzzies eat breakfast together.

IMG 4252 copy-001