When I first started this project in January, I wondered how long it would take before I was banging my head on the wall, desperate for daily ideas. I'm pretty happy to report, that the well is not running dry. In fact, it's making me look twice about the every day parts of our lives and I am so pleased to have them documented. Just a second of the seconds, minutes, and hours every day...and I am grateful for these reminders of how great our life is. Ben's fourth cornea transplant took place yesterday afternoon. Today is time for TLC, cuddles with the boys, soup and a wife restricting him from the computer. We're praying for complete healing for his eye and an alleviation of the pain he's had pretty constantly for the last few years.

IMG 8112 copy

There really are no words to describe how much I love how much my parents love our kids.

IMG 8155 copy

It made my mother's heart very happy.

IMG 8521 copy

She wasn't the only one who was nervous (mum was a mess!). However, she did so well and placed fourth in second grade at her school after spelling b-r-e-a-t-h instead of breathe. I was very, very proud of her and the other wonderful kids who all tried hard and high fived each other when they succeeded at each word. Rootbeer floats for all!

IMG 8655 c1opy

My little Jep is not feeling so well and got up from his nap, muttering, "Poor me, poor me, poor me." He wants lots of love and attention when he's not feeling well. Tender loving care.IMG 8711 copy

It was absolutely Providential that I decided to peek in on Theo during naptime and discovered his bare bottom before anything tragic took place. Whew.

IMG 8723 copy

That's my kid, the fern, rocking out to "Oh, to Be a Fossil Fuel".

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I got to snap pictures for the photo booth at Ruby's school's carnival tonight. Here's a quick shot of the crazies. The boys were distracted by the pretty teenage helpers who were giggling about how cute they were.

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We had a crepe station for breakfast this morning. It was a big hit but next time we'll need to quadruple the batch.

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This guy is a chunk of love. When we were at a friend's house this week, he made his way to her pantry, emptied it out item by item and kept trying to bring her "suggestions" of what she should be feeding him. He also stood in front of her fridge and said, "Hep, peez." (Translated: please help me so I can eat your food.) I love this fat belly.

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This is the second year I've had the opportunity to be the "art mom" in Ruby's class. I get to go in once a month to teach a lesson and create a project with the class. It's a really fun way to be involved. Love that she loves it too!

IMG 9303 copy

This is the second year I've had the opportunity to be the "art mom" in Ruby's class. I get to go in once a month to teach a lesson and create a project with the class. It's a really fun way to be involved. Love that she loves it too!

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He makes sweet sounds whenever he sees a picture of a puppy or if we're driving down the street and see pets being walked. Tonight I was taking some pictures of him and Ben when this little guy came walking down the street. Theo was thrilled that his owner brought him over to say hello.

IMG 9359 copy

Theo blew a kiss at Nana and Papa during their skyping time.

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Nine times out of ten we stop at Barnes and Noble in Bellingham for a bathroom break on our way up to Canada. It's that or Starbucks. I like clean bathrooms.

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After Opa's birthday party with the family yesterday, he had car races with the crazies in the kitchen. I think I know where the crazy genetics come from....

IMG 0365 copy

On the way back from a very busy weekend, Ben cranked the heat and baked the kids so they'd sleep...and be quiet. (I missed a Father's Day pic today but will get one this week!)

IMG 0706 copy

I had the wonderful opportunity to take portraits of the precious foster kids at Royal Family Kids Camp this week. While we can't show faces due to safety guidelines, I did want to share this photo of a precious "staff member" of the camp, Belle. Puppy love goes a long ways to reaching little hearts.

IMG 0737 copy

We celebrated my birthday at the beach tonight and ate cherry pie for DINNER. It was so fun. Theo quickly abandoned his spoon and just grabbed chunks of pie. I am a happy girl.

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We're getting in our summer groove here. I'm mapping in lots of playground/biking/outside time. I find our whole day goes better if everyone plays hard. I am thankful for healthy kids.

IMG 1956 copy

I love how the "big kids" swoop in to take care of the little guy. I also like that Theo's big belly is hanging out.

IMG 1772 copy

About 95% of my pantry comes from Trader Joe's. Whenever I have a helper they get to choose a snack for the family. Ruby walked by a host of treats before settling on Salted Seaweed Snacks. I kid you not.

IMG 2017 copy

Tymen and I had a gyro and cake pop date at the Supermall today and then bought him some new lion pajamas at Carter's. He was one happy clam and probably kissed me, hugged me and told me I was beautiful about a dozen times. I love dates with my kids.

IMG 2101 copy

Fun b-b-q at the lake with the Young Families group at church. Theo enjoyed the good grub. (Taken with my new EF 70-300 mm 1:4-5.6 L IS USM lens for you friends that like to know these things.)

IMG 2186 copy

The girls were having a ball squishing dough for the easy bake oven. Ah, summer. It's so nice having lots of time to play. I have fond, fond memories of melting cheese on crackers with Kelly Kasteel in our easy bake oven many moons ago!

IMG 2263 copy

IMG 2302 copy

He was digging for clams and was planning on sharing with his friends.

IMG 2345 copy

After having all our strawberries stolen by slugs last year, we outsmarted them this year and are enjoying giant yummy berries. (Tymen naturally is dressed in sandals over his footie pajamas). Happy times.

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We spent a super fun morning at the zoo with friends. At the end we spent a bit of extra time playing around. With my main summertime goal of exhausting the kids every day with physical activity, I'm wondering if it's them or me that's more pooped at the end of the day :) !

IMG 2697 copy

The boys are so THRILLED to have big boys desks to do their art. They are crafting and drawing their hearts out. (Today marks a half year of daily photos...I'm LOVING this project!!)

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