For the month of July we've been some busy campers (not literally as the thought of Theo lumbering from site to site trying to mooch s'mores is a bit more than I can do right now)! We've been swimming, playing, reading, going to parks, hanging at the beach, b-b-q-ing. We had our awesome nephew come for a visit and then just got back from some fun in the sun (fog) in California!

Though I've posted most of my "sneak peeks" on FB I am pretty deep in sessions to edit and blog so you'll be hearing a lot from me in the next couple weeks. (I really do love working on images of such great people).

As far as booking goes, I have some availability in the end of August. These gorgeous summer evenings are divine. I am also booking for the fall which tends to go quickly. I hope tomorrow to announce my fall mini session information as it seems there is lots of interest.

Here are our days in July.

Tymen Christian was named after my dad and his dad. He takes to Opa like a duck to water and says, "Opa is my best friend." (He's also wearing a monkey sweater that he asked Oma to make for him...and of course, she did.

IMG 2843 copy

Ever the photographer's kid, she remembers to smile as she does her backstroke. We are loving the progress of the Swim America proud of all the kids for working so hard!

IMG 3228 copy

We love watching the Duggers and their nineteen kids. I think their kids are pretty amazing and after a busy day with my four crazies, it makes me feel like our life is a piece of cake.

IMG 3334 copy

bbq ribs, cornbread and watermelon, trip to the beach, flags, sparklers and now a neighbourhood bright with fireworks....they are happy little citizens.

IMG 3530 copy

All this girl wants is a little quiet time, and instead she gets brothers jumping around her (when they are not allowed to jump on furniture!). Theo heaves himself on the couch and then plops himself on her lap. Ah, the big sister.

IMG 3353 copy

Jasper was as pleased at punch to have a baking playdate with his pretty friend.

IMG 3691 copy

Happy entertainment this afternoon. Man, I love him. (Note: his swimsuit almost goes down to his ankles.)

IMG 4262 copy

We had so much fun at the lake with some wonderful friends today. 26 kids, 10 adults. Lots of laughing, a naked streaker at one point, good food, and exhausted kids at the end.

IMG 4512 copy edited-1

The boys love a chance to go to sleep in our bed since we often split them up at night when going to bed. Otherwise they monkey around and keep each other awake. When we go to bed, we carry them back.
(On a side note, I hope Jasper's future wife will be able to find a place in her heart for Giraffey. Five years and his love for his stuffed buddy is going strong).

IMG 4995 copy

When I rave about how many projects I get done when he's away on business, he laughs and says I need my quarterly "Break from Ben". Last night I had all the kids in bed and was sitting at the top of our storage shelves painting, whacking mosquitoes and feeling pretty accomplished. (I always get messy painting).

IMG 5027 copy

I snagged these water squirters for half off today at Fred Meyer's. Serious fun.

IMG 5121 copy

While the big kids have been having a blast at VBS this week, Theo's been helping me get some stuff done in the office. (Man, I LOVE this boy's giggle.)

IMG 5294 copy

The last day of an incredible week of VBS with one of our favorite people in the world, Miss Cindy!!! The kids are exhausted after tons of fun and lots of learning about the Lord. What a blessing Faith Covenant Church has been to our family through vbs and preschool!

IMG 5186 copy

Tymen is just so anxious to be in a booster seat like the big kids but he's having a hard time getting to 40 pounds. Currently he's still 34 lbs (4 years, 3 months) and Theo is coming up strong behind him at 31 lbs. (21 months).

IMG 6587 copy

On the road trip to Pt. Roberts, Ruby opted to ride in Daddy's car so she could read her stack of books with no brothers bugging her. Our van was MUCH noisier with the Muppet sound track on repeat :)

IMG 6606 copy

How these little dudes collected so much sand in their swim suits is beyond me...but boy, did they have fun!

IMG 7550 copy

This photo makes me think of Psalm 37 and how God truly gives us the desires of our hearts when we seek Him. I am so grateful.

IMG 7938 copy

My brother-in-law's sweet mum is Grandee to her grandkids and kindly spoils ours as well! Here she is, letting everyone have a visit with Mr. M & M. Theo's face lit up, he stamped his feet happily, and Grandee let him pump that arm over and over (and over and over).

IMG 8303 copy

Whoever gets the hose is in charge. Quinn goes after her cuzzie :) (He had his turn too!)

IMG 9000 copy

We all dig the Dutch comfort food when we stay with Oma and Opa. Here we are downing rookworst, double smoked. My FAVORITE sausage ever....even better because my mum makes it for me.

IMG 9223 copy

Ruby pretty much stripped Oma's berry patch when we were there...and collecting them in my old A & W rootbeer glass. I remember being her age and loving that little mug.

IMG 9963

Opa makes the kids hot chocolate in little cups.

IMG 9232 copy

I love this shirt on him. Seven slices of watermelon later....

IMG 9112 copy

When Ruby was two I picked up a huge box of Polly Pocket sets at a garage sale for $20. We've gotten some mileage out of that box with friends.

IMG 1526 copy

Cousin Levi is here for a visit...wahoo! He checked out the new frozen yogurt place with us this morning. At the toppings, Theo grunted and pointed to the goodies he wanted and Levi dumped them on. Good times. (Tymen is wearing a bowtie in honor of his cousin's visit).

IMG 1786 copy

We introduced Levi to the great Seattle Gum Wall. Next time I'm buying better gum so we can get better bubbles!

IMG 2131 copy

Tymen has considered his cousin his own personal jungle gym the past few days. What a great sport he is! Love how Tymen maintains his poker face :) .

IMG 2511 copy

This boy. I'm glad I have him.

IMG 3734 copy edited-1

Ruby wasn't the only one digging her amazing grilled cheese from the Portland food trucks.

IMG 2569 copy

On our road trip down to Cali, we stopped at more than one rest stop to use the facilities (and try to convince one child to GO in spite of the automatic flushers!) and to play around a bit.

IMG 2608 copy

The kids had a ball walking down the boardwalk. Ruby begged me to go on the roller coaster with her but I pleaded chicken. Dad was the brave one. IMG 2749 copy

August means...our new little cuzzie will be here soon. Stay tuned for pics of my sister's new little girl soon!