I'm loving this project. It's reminding me to pick up the camera for the little stuff every day that makes up so much of our lives right now. A picture a day is reminding me that I love the way my son passionately loves his Giraffey, that when I change diapers there's the great chance to kiss a belly, and that even trapped in an ice storm we had food and some good times.

I've been posting these pictures daily on my personal Facebook page but wanted to do a monthly photo dump of the whole whack.

Ruby was so thrilled to get roller blades for Christmas. We spend a lot of time on the patch of sidewalk in front of our home.

IMG 1767 copy edited-1

I love tucking in my kids every night. It makes me remember how fast they are growing.

IMG 2113 copy edited-1

He's got his complaining face down.

IMG 2167 copy edited-1

It's so fun watching the lights go on as Jasper learns to read.

IMG 2177 copy

Bubbles, slippery boys and lots of splashing.

IMG 2383 copy

Once when he went missing and was found Jasper gleefully shouted, "Giraffey, Honey! You've missed me!!"

IMG 2439 copy

Saturday morning big sister had them all organized.

IMG 2465 copy

It was all good until he wasn't allowed to grab the scissors.

IMG 2809 copy

Our precious boy gave his heart to Jesus last night. This picture was taken today.

IMG 2954 copy

Not shaving and having a cuddle break with a boy just up from a nap are definitely perks.

IMG 3006 copy

The kids have an excited count down going until Daddy's birthday! Ruby sewed him a tissue holder with a B on it and wrapped it in homemade wrapping paper. I love how she instructs Bengamin Hamilton to wait until the 13th to open it.

IMG 3017 copy

For all the work it was to have these boys 13 months apart, they really play together all day long and are the best of buds...until they get tired and then they clobber and grab.

IMG 3036 copy

Man oh man, Susan Kosik, your apple pie recipe is killer.

IMG 3086 copy

At the hill, I wrapped a diaper around my camera (absorbent, yes?) and took just a few pictures of us with the friends that joined us for sledding and snowball making.

IMG 3276 copy

First snow of the season at our house. Happy kids.

IMG 3331 copy

I left the hydrangea blooms on the bush this year, just in case we had a snowlady that needed some hair.

IMG 3376 copy

This little guy runs over every few minutes to hug me. If I am ever sitting on the ground or wiping up the floor, I can count on a running tackle. So happy he's mine.

IMG 3493 copy

"Mom, I really don't want to offend you but I would rather Daddy take care of me." Not offended at all, chica.

IMG 3499 copy

Orange you glad we don't get ice storms all winter long? Eeek....we've got some serious cabin fever here. Tent making. Torturing brothers. Timeouts. Too much tv. It's all happening at our house, folks.

IMG 3563 copy

Day three of being homebound by the icy roads, we baked apples and played some board games. Hungry hippos was going great until the little guy started grabbing marbles, taking off, and popping them in his cheeks.

IMG 3673 copy

My work space in the neatest corner of the office. I've had lots of happy time here spent working on my website in the last couple days. I am still hoping to have it up at the end of the month. "

IMG 3835 copy


IMG 3883 copy

I'm a big believer in room time and kids learning how to play imaginatively by themselves. We try to do it every day. It's also really fun to listen to the conversations they have with themselves as they play.

IMG 3966 copy

My kids all LOVE going to the dentist. All that attention, getting to dig in the prize bucket and coming out with their own toothpaste is a huge thrill. Good times.

IMG 4042 copy edited-1

I've been using January to do several projects that have been in the back of my mind for months. Here's Jeppy holding the canvas I ordered for our downstairs bath in front of the dining room that I painted this afternoon. It's always surprising to me how little time some of these small updates take but what a big impact they make.

IMG 4065 copy

I'm raising a tribe of baby lovers over here. My kids can't get enough of babies. Here are the boys with Baby Savannah who came for a visit today.


IMG 4084 copy

Every day I run to get Ruby from school while the boys stay at home with Ben during rest time. She's always waiting on top of the bike racks. I am happy to see her, every day.

IMG 4188 copy

I went into the bathroom to chat with my girlie who had been in the bath for and hour and a half. I smiled, seeing her little raisiny toes poking up on the side, with the freckle on her toe that I've loved since she was a baby and a bracelet around her ankle like the ones she's constantly braiding.

IMG 4346 copy

Sunday morning church, lunch, then we have a relaxing afternoon. Naps, books, puzzles, crafts. The boys get 20 minutes of pbskids.org if they have a good nap and rest-time. A day of rest is a great idea.

IMG 4362 copy

Diaper changing games:
1. Theo puts a diaper on his head and I say, "Where are you???" He pulls the diaper off and laughs like crazy.
2. I sniff his feet (which are a bit stinky), and yell, "Peeeeeeeuuuuuwwwww!!!" He laughs and giggles, totally thrilled.

IMG 4412 copy

We dearly love storytime at the local library with Miss Debbie. She is warm and funny. She laughs and sings and reads and plays and has been so key in my kids loving books and the library.

IMG 4452 copy

Every day of our lives is filled with diapers, booster seat buckling, wiping up goobers under the table, and messes. Every day is also filled with beautiful faces, laughing, hugs, naps, and sweetness. This is a good reminder to me to not just make it through the day but to be warmed by the blessing that's in the middle of all the routine.