I'll tell you, I'm loving this project. We are capturing so much of the every day stuff that I've never photographed before but makes up so much of our lives. Whenever the kids are doing something fun, they turn to me and say, "How's this for a Picture of the Day?" Rubes and I are reading "From Anna", one of my favorite books from when I was her age.

IMG 4504 copy

Ben always takes the boys to be helpers when they do the big Sam's run for me every month. They get a hot dog and he wears them out pushing the cart and dragging gallons of milk along.

IMG 4581 copy

They played outside after school for about two hours.

IMG 4726 copy edited-1

Me 'n him. Lunch at Indochine, walking around in sunny Tacoma with Cutter's mochas, and checking out the glass museum. It was just what I needed.

IMG 5197 copy

Ben and I have been laughing lately about how entitled this big man is. If you are eating something he wants, he shouts like, "You better give that to me!" If you're sitting on the floor and he wants to cuddle with you, he backs right up and plunks himself down. He really thinks he's in charge.

IMG 5457 copy

Every year Ruby and I have a Mother Daughter Valentine's Party. Painting fingers and toes, dress up, games, card making and cookie decorating, then snacks. Such fun:) So glad I have a girly girl.

IMG 5699 copy

You'd think the chances of him getting his footwear on the right feet would be about 50/50 but I am convinced it's on wrong about 80% of the time. "Jasper! Remember to make your toes kiss!" Auntie Mary Walsh, those boots were the best idea ever.

IMG 4584 copy

I love smelling his warm sweetness after naptime. He lays like a big lump on me.

IMG 5742 copy

I spent the morning with my friend, Susan, teaching her the fine art of croquette making like a true Dutch girl. Of course, we happily dove in at the end to make sure they were as good as we'd hoped. Good times.

IMG 5805 copy

Dear Mom. Best mom in the world. Can I call you ma??? Caus if I can, I might say: Hey Ma, tonight can we go out fore dinner? Or ma, thin clothes are uncomfy, right? Now, this is exatly last one. I totaly L-o-v-e Y-o-u, that is: I totaly love you!! P.S. Cut it short so it is: I love you. all right? Am I clear? Love, Ruby. ? Ruby-7 years old

IMG 5965 copy

She is truly the queen bee around our home, telling the boys just what to do. Jasper was just glad to get to be a part of the puppet show but started using potty talk and got shut down by mom.

IMG 6679 copy

Jasper and I did some "work" up at Legendary Donuts today taking some photos for some advertising they are doing. He was most happy to munch down donuts in his tie for his mom.

IMG 6948 copy edited-1

Every day, multiple times, he pulls chairs around the office and climbs up and then yelps because he can't get himself down.

IMG 6968 copy

All you need is love....and at least one co-operative child to get a good Valentine picture. Thank you Ruby Scooby!

IMG 7252 copy

The art tells a story. Apparently, the mother in the family is too busy with photography to run the van through the car wash (note initials CH and the camera). I have to say, as tidy as I have been in my life, there is always something undone. At least I have time to document, right?

IMG 7271 copy

I've found that sometimes moving toys around to different places creates some huge interest. We hauled their kitchen, table and chairs and food into the upstairs hallway and they played restaurant for a long, long time.

IMG 7349 copy

Ruby and Daddy were working on her science experiment tonight. I sign the homework folder, go over her work, do the parent-teacher conferences but he is the science guy. They are having a ball together growing sugar crystals.

IMG 7609 copy

To Barnes and Noble for a date with Oma and Opa today. Here they are giggling at a rubber finger they found in the magic kit box. The boys each got dates today too....Jasper and Oma to Starbucks and Tymen and Opa to donuts. Happy to be loved.

IMG 7621 copy

Jeppy was reading funny books to Oma and Opa and they were all cracking up. Love this one!

IMG 7822 copy


IMG 8015 copy

Absolute r &r on this trip to Santa Barbara. On the day I flew down I read all day with coffees, got to the Canary Hotel, took a nap, went out for dinner with Ben and ate lobster bisque and read some more. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

IMG 8039 copy

Oh my stars. What a lovely coffee and book time this was. I almost licked my plate after eating my apricot tart. (After I finished photographing this, I noticed the lady at the end of the patio was looking at me suspiciously and darkly, and I finally realized she thought I was shooting her. Ha.)

IMG 8119 copy

This is the treasure map made by Joy of Wildflowers Photography for our ten year photo shoot. So glad that we found each other. "Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." (We look a little tubby :) )

IMG 8388 copy

Last time I flew with kids, the agent at American wouldn't let me take my stroller to the gate so I was lugging around a chubby bub, four carry ons, and we had a diaper shortage. We also spilled our meatball sub on the man next to us. Flying this time was much more relaxing.

IMG 8364 copy

Whoever is laying on the floor at our house needs to know that Theo will back up and sit on your head, and then if there is enough of your head available, he'll hug it. We heart this lovebug.

IMG 8410 copy

The boys taunt him saying, "Mom's kisses are better! Mom's kisses are better!" Then they love it when he chases them down and smooches them up. I have to say, mine really are a little softer without the five o'clock shadow.

IMG 8466 copy

The make each other nuts but they love each other dearly. There's nothing like a sibling.

IMG 8710 copy edited-1

After being on the receiving end of so many meals with each of our new babies and the whole month I was on bed rest, we are always so happy to bring a meal over to anyone who needs it. Tonight we had the blessing of dropping off a meal and flowers to our wonderful children's pastors (Pastor Tony hugs my boys every single week when they run to him). The little helpers were pretty happy to get a honey stick at the corner market. — with Ben Hamilton.

IMG 8900 copy

He absolutely gets filled with despair if he sees anyone cooking in the kitchen and he's not eating. This is why we sit him in the highchair to munch the whole time we prepare food. Otherwise he grabs our legs and yells angrily. This was just ten minutes after he had a post nap snack of peanut butter sandwich and fruit. — with Ben Hamilton.

IMG 8971 copy

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