I can't even tell you how excited I am to have completed this project. A picture each day in 2012. I always hesitated when I saw people doing it because I thought I couldn't possibly do a photo a day. It was easier than I thought. I am, with the help of my technical advisor, figuring out a way to post a video slideshow of all 366 photos of the year along with some of the tips and tricks and things that I have learned which I hope to have up in the next day or two.

I am very encouraged by the people who feel inspired to do the same or who might try weekly pictures or a month of pictures. I am inviting questions so I can help you make it as easy and manageable as possible. Ask away!

Also, if you want to learn as you go how to take better photos, consider doing a Parent Photography Workshop. I just advertised it in a blog post today! Next one is Saturday, February 2.

So here's December:

Theo was so proud to be with his brothers and buddies in the caboose at the tree farm. I love fun traditions like this.

01-IMG 4282 copyv


Tymen was nervous and excited to do the star for the first time. As he went up, Jasper yelled, "He's scared! He's scared!!" Tymen whimpered. "NO!" I yelled. "He's brave!!! He's strong!!" Tymen laughed happily and clapped that star on the top of the tree.

02-IMG 4772 copy


Tymen was nervous and excited to do the star for the first time. As he went up, Jasper yelled, "He's scared! He's scared!!" Tymen whimpered. "NO!" I yelled. "He's brave!!! He's strong!!" Tymen laughed happily and clapped that star on the top of the tree.

03-IMG 4658 copy


Jasper went shopping at school today for holiday gifts for the family. Here he is wrapping Theo's tattoo painstakingly. He was MOST thrilled with the toy he found for himself....his "spatula-flying-hitter-thing".

04-IMG 4854 copy


When we first got married, he said, "Baby, I'll support anything you want to do if you want to work. But you don't have to. I'll take care of you." He more than does that and he completely backs me as I do what's on my heart, with making a home for our family, photography and volunteer work. I appreciate that more than I could even say.

05-IMG 4863 copy


Time with a couple of her sweet pals has been just what my girl has needed today. They are crafting away at Christmas cards with my old scrapbooking stuff while they drink hot chocolate and listen to Little Women. Ah, girltime.

06-IMG 4932 copy


Though everyone else in kindergarten also had a mom/dad/grandma there to help as well, Jasper kept telling all his friends that HIS mom was there. LOVE that boy.

07-IMG 4970 copy


Celebrating my last shoot of the fall with a super yummy mocha at Cutter's Point. I am SO blessed to do what I love.

08-IMG 5909 copy


Seeing this precious boy be dedicated to the Lord today was a great reminder of how faithful the Lord is and how His love has been shown in so many ways including the love between mother and son, the love of family and friends, and the love of his birth and foster families.

09-IMG 5927 copy


One of my favorite Christmas traditions is my Ugly Angel Exchange with the Walsh family. Introducing Pinocchio Nose Candy Cane Angel who will soon be flying to Texas to bless our friends with her cheer.

10-IMG 5977 copy


Thanks to some wonderful friends who came and watched the crazies, Ben and I got to go for a wonderful Christmas dinner and shopping date to Bellevue Square. I LOVE to be with him. (And I love that he let me take 10 shots of us in the silver ball until I got one I liked...what a guy!)

11-IMG 6011 copy


Kelly sat me down last night and taught me how to do a bunch of things on my new phone. She installed some apps that had us howling.

12-IMG 6177 copy


This auntie is most happy to have Liv here to squeeze and kiss. Num, num.

13-IMG 6220 copy


We had fun with the cousins coming for a few days. Liv got squeezed and kissed and held and she good naturedly smiled at us all, even when we manhandled her too much. Quinn jumped in for all the fun. We love having them be a three hour trip away so we can see each other a lot.

14-IMG 6839 copy


We had a super time making popcorn snowmen but everything was coated in a marshmallowy goo afterwards and I was trying to keep it off my camera ;).

15-IMG 6971 copy


In response to the recent heartache, I have been especially grateful for the healthy, happy, messy little people in my life. We are so blessed every day and don't even realize how much sometimes. Praying for those who have stockings hung for little people who are not here any more.

16-IMG 7462 copy


17-IMG 7585 copy


Squeaking in just before it's not 2012 anymore, I've worked today on my annual project of "A Day in the Life of the Hamiltons". I LOVE looking back at our years as so much changes. I am very thankful.

18-IMG 8017 copy


Even though I am not a techie at all, my sister Kelly, claimed that my iphone would change my life. She's absolutely correct. Now Ben and I have our late night conversations through Tom the Cat, and we laugh hysterically. Life changed. Possibly not for the better ;).

19-IMG 8091 copy


The kids and I rolled out Dutch croquettes this afternoon, which is pretty much the best reason in the world to not go vegan. My favorite Dutch food, hands down! (What's not to love about deep fried spicy, minced meat in a creamy roux?) Tymen was incredibly helpful and was relieved from his hard work five minutes in.

20-IMG 8115 copy


We've got a tribe of kissers and huggers here.

21-IMG 4717 copy1


On our way up to Vancouver, I let the crazies watch "Elf" in the van on my kindle. It bought us over an hour of conversation time in the front.

23-IMG 8390 copy


There are times we don't have to look far to see why Tymen has a wild streak like he does. {At the Stanley Park Christmas Train}.

22-IMG 8647 copy


Christmas Eve: we had a big breakfast, headed up to Mt Seymour to frolic in the snow, watched a movie in the afternoon and went to Christmas Eve service followed by a croquette dinner and presents. Busy day, lots of pictures to choose from but I love this one of my boy trying to nail me.

24-IMG 9057 copy


Jasper was toasted as it was his first time at the "Guy's Table". He was puffed up like a little peacock and asked for seconds of potatoes au gratin and bread.

25-IMG 9667 copy

Five more until the end of this project.

26-IMG 0175 copy

He's laughed like this since he was a baby. He fits the Super Jeppy part of my heart....perfectly.

27-IMG 0214 copy

We talk about it a lot. In the Hamilton family we will always love each other, no matter what. Tymen asked me sentimentally tonight, "When I am a dad, will you still remember my name?" Meaning: will you always love me and know me? Yes, we'll always, always love you.

28-IMG 7713 copy

Happy day with friends sledding, chucking snowballs and playing around. Then pizza. Nice.

29-IMG 0418 copy

After church today, Ruby and I buried ourselves in my bed to cuddle and watch an American Girl movie. We need to do it more. I love the smell of her shampooed hair.

30-IMG 0769 copy

I am tooting my own horn today! Project 366 is complete!!!!!!! I have lots I am going to write very soon of what I have learned and some helpful hints for those of you who may want to give it a shot. Also, for all you LOVELY PEOPLE who left me WONDERFUL COMMENTS when I asked if you would mind me blitzing your newsfeeds with another year of pictures....Project 365 for 2013 starts today!

31-IMG 0872 copy

Check back in the next day or two for a slideshow of the year 2012. I'll also post answers to your questions and tell you how I organized it, got the text on the pictures and what I'm going to do with this lovely collection!