I laughed today when my friend, Felicia, wrote on my picture of the day that I posted on FB, I often wonder if you ever put down your camera on a day to day basis for you to capture moments like these! Where is that invisible camera holster? I tell you, this project of snapping a moment of every day has made me keep my camera available! A holster may be a good idea....  

Those little dudes were laughing their heads off as they got Uncle Jason in the water. Too fun.

IMG 3580 copy


Full tummies.

IMG 3741 copy


Could these two be related? Ummm, yes, I do believe they have their mother's smile. SOOOOooo good to see Meghan on our trip to CA.

IMG 4545 copy


Oh man, our little crazies were ecstatic to try boogie boarding out.

IMG 5220 copy


We had a whole lot of fun and made a whole lot of noise and did a whole lot of talking and eating with them last week.

IMG 5388 copy


After a few weeks of vacation and lots of shooting, I have plenty of editing to do...fueled by iced coffee and cherries :)

IMG 5394 copy edited-1


I have been utilizing kids to do some extra chores each day and we are going to keep this up through the school year. Breaking them down to manageable jobs, talking about being trustworthy and helping the family. It's good. Popsicle break at the end!

IMG 5432 copy


What's your favorite summer food?

IMG 5464 copy


Last year I bought school supplies the week before it started and had to run to three different stores to find everything so we went a little early this year. I got a lump in my throat when my little boy was beaming and loading up his backpack for kindergarten.

IMG 5540 copy


On Friday, I was coming back from a session over an hour away when I got the message that Kelly might be going into labour earlier than her scheduled c-section date. I jetted up to Vancouver and things had slowed down. We celebrated with mojitos and a whole lot of sister time. (No alcohol for the pregnant mama ;) ).

IMG 6098 copy


She may be a doctor, wife and mother but she still reverts back to this crazy voice and personality which makes me laugh every time.

IMG 6109 copy


She was a girl with a mission....so much to organize before the baby :)

IMG 6190 copy


Lovely perfection. My kids have been asking over and over to see pictures of Baby Cuzzie Liv. They are chomping at the bit to drive up in a couple weeks for a visit.

IMG 6587 copy

He absolutely has to be the one with the sword and loves yelling, "Hiya!!!" as he clocks us over the head. Today he nailed me while I was taking pictures of them and Ben and I laughed so hard we couldn't breathe.

IMG 7177 copy

Ruby and I made "Scripture Cake" tonight, something I did with my Sunday School kids long ago. We looked up the scriptures to find the ingredients. This was her first time taking something out of the oven with me coaching her.

IMG 7191 copy

After five sets of lessons Tymen has PASSED level two and is a floater and glider!!! The crowds and his mummy went wild! We celebrated by picking up Daddy at home for a victory dance and a family trip to frozen yogurt.

IMG 7216 copy

Ruby had a great time at soccer camp this week, honing her skills and learning from some super coaches from the UK. She gets beet red in the face like her mummy.

IMG 7362 copy

Ever since he was a baby he's loved, loved, loved to be kissed. This morning he rolled out of bed and crawled onto my lap (not often I post pictures of pre-shower mummy) and said, "Kiss me." I kiss him every single time he asks, multiple times.

IMG 7403 copy

So glad he's ours.

IMG 7851 cop1

For our family p.j. walk tonight, we broke out Tymen's old harness (leash) for Theo. I love that thing. Who'd have thought I'd be "that" mom?

IMG 7966 copy

Tymen fessing up to Daddy that he had painted the house while outside painting rocks with the kids. (Ben as a child painted his dad's car with housepaint one day. I feel completely absolved of any genetic responsibility).

IMG 8082 copy

After running upstairs to grab something, I found the chubby bub helping himself to some sustenance. Poor starving waif.

IMG 8109 copy

My little bookworm picked up her prize glasses from the library last night for the summer reading program. She reads an hour or two every day. (Her brothers desperately want to get their hands on her glasses!)

IMG 8131 copy-001

The fact that Ben can look at his screens full of gobbledegook with piles of papers, mail, notebooks, and kids art stacked around him is proof to me that complete opposites can attract! (It makes me nuts and I have to not look at his desk too long or it makes me break out in hives!)

IMG 8357 copy-001

When Ruby hears Theo bellow her name, "Weeeee-weeee!", she answers using cousin Quinny's little nickname for him. "Yes, Dodo?" The love my bookends have for each other warms my heart.

IMG 8853 copy-001

It was so awesome to have our kids helping to lead worship at church today! Seeing our kids love Jesus is the best.

IMG 8992 copy

Each of the kids is going on a lunch/dinner date with mum and shopping for a first day of school outfit. Ruby was digging her new duds.

IMG 9147 copy-001

I love this kid.

IMG 9313 copy-001

After we went to the open house at his new school and he met his kinder teacher, Jasper and I went on a date. Fish tacos. Then we went to Old Navy where he told me he was looking for "cheerful clothes". Then he told me he would pray for all the kids in his class who were shy and the ones who didn't breathe (which I tried not to laugh at). I love him. My baby boy is growing up.

cIMG 9368 copy

Ruby and I were so glad to get in some cuddle time with little Livy this weekend. We heart her big time.

IMG 9607 copy-001

It's all fun and games at the spraypark until the little ones get cold (Quinny) and grumpy (Theo). Time to head back to Oma's!

IMG 9847 copy-001

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