Four months into this project and I know that it's going to be one of my favorites ever. In years past, I definitely took plenty of pictures at certain events but often would find that it had been weeks since I had picked up my camera and recorded our every day lives. It's those every day pictures that I crave more as the years go by. It's also been a good reminder to me to truly see the beautiful parts of our lives that I had the potential to rush on by.

Oh, how they love Oma.

IMG 5573 copy


Let's just say the plants won't need watering for a while. Perhaps if their mum could resist hysterical laughter, admonishment might be more effective. Good thing Daddy works from home.

IMG 5840 copy


Ruby and I just spent an hour tying a fleece blanket for one of the sixty kids coming to Royal Family Kid's Camp (for foster kids) this summer. We are doing a red polka dot girl one too:)

IMG 5892 copy


Big sister spent her allowance on zebra print fleece and made her brothers matching scarves. They love 'em.

IMG 6282 copy


Tonight at the end of taking Tymen's birthday pictures we held hands as we walked back to the van. It was my last time holding hands with my boy at three. Tomorrow he turns four. I love that child so much. Words fall short. IMG 6707 copy

The birthday boy got breakfast in bed including scrambled eggs, applesauce and a bunny pancake. Ruby let him eat it on her bed and he was pleased as punch.

IMG 6732 copy


"Mama, I made you these flowers because I wanted to show your heart that I love you. I wanted to bless you." Yep, I squished him and kissed those cheeks all over.

IMG 6965 copy


It was a very good day. (Jasper has been trying to teach Tymen that he shouldn't like pink because it's a girl color. Tymen shrugs and says, "I still like it.")

IMG 7474 copy


We've been playing outside for hours and hours the last few days.

IMG 7903 copy


He grabs the remote control and runs for the hills, laughing like crazy.

IMG 8100 copy


Fighting to make this world safer for us all.

IMG 8182 copy


Three weeks from today, I'll be sitting and looking at this building with my love, eating chocolate croissants and drinking cafe au lait. Yippeeeeeee!

IMG 8192 copy


Fortifying themselves with granola bars for a trip to the Wiggle Bridge Park. We spent a couple hours outside today. SO happy for sunshine and flowers and springtime.....and the opportunity to get our boys outside.

IMG 8205 copy


Theo and Daddy wave to Jasper and Tymen who are going on a sleepover tonight. After this we took the bookends to Ikea and feasted on Swedish meatballs and cinnamon buns while we looked for some odds and ends. Two feels a lot easier than four.

IMG 8326 copy


We had a great weekend working on house projects and playing in the yard. Ruby was thrilled to plant annuals with me. There's nothing like the northwest in the springtime.

IMG 8490 copy


Ruby has a one hour late start on Mondays and we LOVE it because we can sleep in and cuddle after a busy weekend. What a great way to start the week!IMG 8548 copy

I found my little Jep working very hard on his "Angry Birds homework". He's as proud as a peacock that it's on the fridge for all to see. (Lower case "h" stamped on his hand from library time today.)

IMG 8679 copy


Jasper's class got to go on a field trip to a nursery today. Tymen kindly got looped in to be a part and plant a flower too. It felt so good to see all those gorgeous plants and smell spring.

IMG 8821 copy


He follows me around, chanting, "Mama, mama, mama." Then he gets to the top and I kiss his chubby face right up.

IMG 9023


Flocked! The kids were all ecstatic! Fun surprise and a great youth group fundraiser. Thanks, Misty, David, Hayden and Savannah!

IMG 9162 copy


Our families pretty closely mirror each other: big sisters who each have three little brothers. Eight kids eight and under had a happy night at our house while Eric and Denise partied, kidless. We had some good times. Here are the oldest girls (in their matching p.j.'s) with the youngest (in their matching p.j.'s). Even I was getting mixed up on their names last night, Leo and Theo.

IMG 9312 copy

I can't even say how HAPPY I am with our 2011 Hamilton Family photo book. I got completely overwhelmed and fell off the scrapbooking wagon but still wanted my images printed. I did one 100 page, 12 by 12 book and copied five, one for everyone! I had only done small books before but this bigger book really didn't take that long to make. I may do a blog post about this. I added in stories and Ruby sat and read it for an hour today. I couldn't be more pleased.

IMG 9779 copy

I have lots of happy memories mucking around in our backyard with my sister and our neighbours. It makes me feel good to see my kids just playing happily for hours outside.

IMG 9850 copy

These happy boys were happy to spend some of their birthday money from Nana and Papa , on cool new sunglasses.

IMG 0008 copy

Good thing we've had a whole season of "18 Kids and Counting" to watch from the library. Jasper sighed heavily and said, "Mama, I 'cuked'....a lot." Everyone has slept all afternoon and I think we're on the mend.IMG 0053 copy

We're definitely on the upswing.

IMG 0139 copy

I was in the backyard this morning with my camera getting ready to take a few pictures, turned around and saw this. Think they might be brothers?

IMG 0149 copy

My girl is having a whole lot of fun on the field this season. I also noticed today that when she runs like crazy, she gets beet red in the face like her mum.

IMG 0734 copy

Ruby and I went on a bikeriding/ Starbucks date this afternoon. My brakes were so terrible that they sounded like a dying animal (a loud one!) and I got so many strange looks that I started just using my feet to brake. I heart my girl.

IMG 1169 copy

Documents are being packed for our trip. Passports, cooking class after tour through the food market, hotel reservations and I always travel with extra pens, sticky notes, notepads and a calculator. Eeeek! Two days and we'll be in the air!

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