{Labour Day}
Corn was the big hit. So was the pie.


{Evening Walk}
We took a fun evening walk on the night before school started.


{First Day}
He said his goal for the year was to be Mrs. Nelson's friend.


{Flowers for Mama}
Love my bub who loves to make flowers for his mama.


{Auntie Lenore and Ruby Lenore}
SO HAPPY to have my friend for the weekend to visit!


{Local 360}
Once we walked there from our hotel, past some of the sketchy characters on the street, we had a fab little dinner of steak and beet tartare, devilled eggs, mushrooms and green beans with cherries.


{Heart Friend}
I had the best weekend with my dear friend and we did do a whole lot of laughing! She took me on a surprise overnight in Seattle as a late birthday present. We had a killer meal at Local 360, then crashed hard at a fantastic hotel, had a leisurely breakfast and then sat on the docks on the waterfront in the sun watching the ferries and talking for a few hours. A friend who knows your heart is such a gift.


{Finders Keepers}
He's got a funny version of finders keepers going on and is laying claim to all kinds of stuff in our house.


We're working at getting routines back to normal in our home and unpacking bags of lunchboxes and an avalanche of papers is part of the drill.


{First Day of Preschool}
We was one happy camper and marched into his class without a backward glance. I was the mama saying, "Just one more hug!!"


Not uncommon that I hear this from Tymen.


{Bwush Teef}
Theo still needs help getting his pearly whites all squeaky clean.


Daddy was gone for the weekend so I packed up snacks and drinks and we went on a hike up to Franklin Falls. Perfect day for it, though sometimes with T jumping and leaping and there being some steep dropoffs, I was wishing for Dad to be with us!


I just could eat him up.

14-chalk-1-4 copyw

My toothless rollerblader ready to run me over.

15-jasper tooth-1-2

Bedtime routine involves cuddling, talking, reading and praying together. One of ours and the kids' favorite times of the day.
Since our friends suggested it, this is the time of day we ask, "Is there anything you'd like to tell me?" Sometimes it's nothing and sometimes that's when the floodgates open up.

16-r-1 copy

Many, many years ago (18?), I made up song cards for our Sunday School kids. Never did I picture my own boy pulling them out all these years later and singing his heart out. So fun!


He truly wants to be handsome.


{Horseshoe Bay}
We hopped out of the car on our trip up for Whistler for some fish and chips and a quick stretch of our legs along the waterfront.


{Family Splash}
We spent a few hours down at the pool with the cousins and Opa was game to make some big jumps with the kids too!


The obligatory cousin shot!


Being raised by two highly creative people, we were always allowed access to any kind of art supply available growing up. I love to see the pleasure that my kids take from creating things too and how relaxing it is for them. Ruby has been whipping up earrings for everyone who has ears to wear them.


{Birthday Friend}
Theo (Feo) giving his friend, Sierra (Sierrup) her birthday flowers today.
(I don't want to be presumptuous or anything but we ***might***need this for a wedding slideshow one day).


{Making Butter}
Mary Olson Farm field trip. It was raining BUCKETS and we were glad for a few minutes inside.


{Angry Birds}
He's passionate about drawing and cutting out angry birds for Daddy.


{Messing Around}
That wig has been around for a long time in the dress up basket and gets worn around here regularly.


Daddy has been helping Ruby get ready to play the trumpet in band at school. He found her a screaming deal on one at a pawn shop and she's loving it.


{Roller Blading}
This boy is out there practicing on his roller blades every day.


A kiss and a hug or two before Ruby leaves for school. (Love my bookends.)


{Happy Hair}
Apparently Daddy wasn't monitoring the bed head repair very well. Mama insisted on a re-do.
This breakfast has been a big hit lately: oatmeal with a few spoonfuls of pureed pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice, cream, walnuts, maple syrup. Yum!