He's my emotional one, my one that adores babies, that has his tender heart turn towards people. He's also the one who gets stuck when things don't go according to his plan. I've been stuck in how to parent him through this and have felt myself going in circles that don't seem to be going anywhere.
We're doing a "Spiritual Parenting" class with our small group from church which is so, so, so good and last week some lights went on for me about helping the focus not to be on the issue but to bring his heart up with hope of who he was meant to be. Also, showing deliberate grace is a part of what struck home with me. It's working. We're both learning. And I love his little gap toothed grin.

01-jep-172 copy

Tymen was throwing helicopters off the top of our little maple tree. Some things never change.


Emotions run high.


{Jumping Girlies}
I wonder if I'll ever get tired of jumping shots...I think not.


The light and color of the past weeks, I feel like I am savoring every bit of it.


"Mama!! You're buzzing my goose egg!!"

06-skate leaves-004



{New Roller Blades}
We don't pay for good grades in our home. However, we wanted to give a special gift to Ruby when we saw her state testing scores from last year because she's working so hard and putting in a great effort. She was SO surprised and delighted with these new roller blades and has gone miles up and down the street.

08-skate leaves-1

{Pumpkin Bread}
Pumpkin bread and milk with a buddy.

09-skate leaves-003

{Apples with Nana}
We're loving having Nana and Papa nearby. This morning, Nana carted in a huge box of apples to slice up with the kids for apple sauce. I made eggs, we drank coffee and chatted, I folded laundry, and it made my heart happy to see these memories being made.

10-skate leaves-002

{Seasonal Displays}
The kids are all keen decorators. Ruby's got her pumpkin collection growing, though Theo tried to get at the candy corn teeth to nibble on. She rescued them and glued them back on.


The pumpkin patch is always even more fun with friends. We had a great time with some of our lifegroup pals.


After a full day at school, I like to give this guy time to play outside and time to build. It fills his little tank up.


Ben did his first stint as a "WATCHDOG" at school (each letter stands for something that I can't remember right now). He helped with car dropoffs and then went through seven half hour rotations through the day. I started getting texts by noon that he was being worked hard. Sure enough, he staggered in the door and took a nap at the end.


Learning the fine art from his big sister.


{Shared Laugh}
Ruby came along to help me with Theo's birthday pictures today. They had a good laugh at the end.


We had a great time slogging away at the pumpkin patch. Lots of fun things to play with!


They are pretty, so pretty. I love how each street in our neighbourhood is ablaze with colour. (Did you knotice I spelled two words in the first sentence the Canadian way?)


I had the best baby cuddle and coffee with one of my dear, lifelong friends who is inside out in love with her son. How amazing to see the blessing of her little nest which is overflowing with love. Full circle indeed.


Our fourth and final seasonal silhouette.

20-fall sil-1 copy

Glad that this guy knows what keys to push to bring home the bacon. (He's scary smart with this stuff).


{Cinnamon Popcorn}
It was blustery and we thought this might be a cozy, fun snack after school.


{Balance Bike}
He is flying along, this guy. He almost ran over the nice moms who were waiting for kids to come out at school too.

23-balance-1-2 copy

{Feeling Silly}
This guy was being a little goofball after being the birthday kid at school.

24-bdayboy-1 copy

{Feeling Silly}
This guy was being a little goofball after being the birthday kid at school.


{Oma is 70}
So happy to celebrate such an important milestone with my mum who's pictured here at brunch with her sweeties.


Never quiet but always fun.


{Drop Off}
Off for another good day at school.


{Pumpkin Carving}
Daddy is the expert at our home.


{Whoopie Cushion}
What could be more fun that smashing your face on a self inflating whoopie cushion?


{Four Characters}
Spiderman, an Indian, Caveman and Shepherd