{Play with Your Food}
I put them in their Easter baskets and knew these plates would be a big hit.01-plates-1

Auntie helps Tymen brush after he does his required minute. He recently had the first cavity of all our kids and is now deeply concerned about sugarbugs. We're working hard to make sure they don't have a place in his mouth.


Off to a women's retreat for the weekend with some amazing ladies who also love an amazing God. It was what my heart needed.


Is there anything better than being welcomed back to my little nest after a couple days away?


{Cwose your eyes}
He tells me, "Cwose your eyes." Then he plucks one of my flowers and yells, "Open your eyes!!!!!" Then he laughs like crazy when I pretend to be shocked. Can't bring myself to chide him about the flowers.


I had a great night with this girl...laughing, making her take some pictures in the gigantic clematis vine at the end of our porch and brainstorming ways to celebrate her turning 10 at the end of the month. Be still my heart. I blinked and a decade passed.


We all need a bit of time to play...the boys messing around together and me trying to nail manual focus with my lensbaby on my moving targets. I love these little movers and shakers!


{Kissing and Hugging}
Every day is filled with a lot of ordinariness but also a lot of squishy, happy love too and that makes it more than worth it.


{Mother's Tea}
It was such a special day, celebrating being Jasper's and Tymen's mother. Treats, punch, flowers, pictures and lovely performances. Full heart.


No greater joy than "getting" mama, be it with a kiss or a ball lobbed at my head


{Mother's Day}
Grateful for them.


{Mud Baths}
We spent some blissful hours in the sun at the beach yesterday. Anyone else LOVING this gorgeous weather??


{Late Sleeper}
He always sleeps longer than everyone else and then needs time to stretch and sit and be ready for the world. AND there's always socks on his floor.


{Exhibit A}
Today I spent the afternoon with my friend (and our realtor who found us our house almost 11 years ago!), Janine. We photographed some product shots of her amazing seat covers which protect vehicles from messy pets and kids. Afterwards we were chatting over pizza which she treated us to, and iced coffees while the boys went nuts with her dog in the back yard. I took the last few shots of them as an example of what you might want to protect your seats from. Ha! Can always count on my boys to be an example of messiness!


There are a lot of things I put limits on but paper is not one of them. It is worth it to me to buy reams of paper and to let them go for it. Seeing Theo's little people develop and then having gift after gift appear at my desk makes me happy.


{Wild Things}
So scawy.


Part of the fun of raising money for kids' camp through the dessert auction this weekend was seeing how excited the kids were to be a part of it. Ruby and Izzy marched in ready to see their creations go for top dollar...and they did.


The bookends head to the room that they share.


Theo loves when everyone comes home at the end of the school day, especially Ruby.


He's been drawing up a storm lately and most of it's been on paper. However, this masterpiece was drawn on his bed.
Me:I know you must feel very, very sad about this.
Theo: (beaming hopefully) I feel vewy, vewy good 'bout it.
Me: (struggles not to laugh) Let's take a picture so we can show Daddy.


Our friends brought by a mother lode of books for us and there was some happy book hysteria going on.


{Coffee Walk}
Jasper and I had a coffee and a chat on the way to school together. Sometimes when we take time for one on one we end up with the best conversations and this was one of those times. I got to hear from my boy's soft heart.

22-lohmann-1 copy 2

This girls know how to have a good time. We had a birthday party that involved washi tape crafts, nail painting, the girls being in teams to make dinner, some wild games and a chocolate fruit fondue. When I suggested they use a little chocolate to "decorate"their faces, they were game. So grateful for awesome friendships!


{Birthday Photos}
I had the best time taking Ruby's 10 year portraits. I knew we were going to have some gorgeous golden sunshine at the very end of the day so I raced back from a session to pick up my girl in her new dress. The light, the lupines, and my lovely girl...my heart was singing. I'll share all my favorites on her birthday, the 29th.


I didn't even ask for the details.


{Girls' Getaway}
We had the best time away, celebrating Ruby turning double digits this week! We stayed overnight at Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland right on the water. We walked the piers and looked at the yachts. Ruby's favorite part was the the hotel's complimentary "Raid the Pantry" at 10:30 p.m.


{Evening Walk}


{Who Likes Butter}
On a walk with our friends.

28-r10party (1 of 1) copy

A decade and we partied all week long.


We were happy to try out one of the new playgrounds installed in our neighbourhood!


He’s reading big chapter books, riding like a champ on his bike and can vacuum a floor but he still has a soft spot for his giraffes.