I'm ever so thankful that she is.

01-face shadow-1

His self portrait warms my heart. Plus he wrote his name on the top.


{Library Time}
These guys are book lovers. Cam Jansen detective stories and Fly Guy are the big hits right now.


I distinctly remember one time when Jasper was about three months old. I had been putting gas in the car and got back inside to find Baby Jasper and three year old Ruby both laughing fit to kill. Ruby squeaked out, "Oh Jas, you are SO FUNNY!!" He loves to crack people up and has a laugh that makes me happy.


We've been downing gallons of fresh juice around here and loving it. These boys will drink and drink and drink until they are filled up like water balloons.


Though I knew it was coming, in the last day, he's transitioned from switching the pronoun "Me" for "I". "Me am a big boy" is now "I am a big boy." Oh, my baby boy is growing up....but I'm glad he still looooooves to be kissed and zerberted.


{Birthday Portraits}
His real birthday is on Monday but I had a great time with this goofball after school taking his birthday portraits and then jetting off to Hopjacks for dinner. He THRIVES on individual attention and was chirping around and pulling faces to crack me up all night.


{Jumping Buddies}
A fun afternoon trampolining and eating frozen yogurt to celebrate the birthday boy.

08-potd s-1-004

I had a satisfying heart talk with my friend, Alison, who was my FIRST AMERICAN friend. She was in town with her husband who was speaking at a conference. We got to go for a lovely long chat over plates of Italian food and then she stayed overnight and the crazies were all over her.

09-potd s-003

I love this picture for several reasons: Jasper's contained jubilation after a great day, the m &m cake which I managed to scrape together and my dad's head jutting into the picture because he was the first shutter bug in our family.


Yay for daylight savings, sunny spring days and my new Lensbaby lens that I can play with.

11-potd s-1

{Vitamin D}
We all have been loving getting out in the sunshine and seeing the pink blooms in the sky!
This lensbaby lens is so fun but trying to focus manually with moving subjects is a learning curve!


Every year when we hit spring, I feel like I can breathe again after holding my breath for a long time.


{Sushi and Chopsticks}
I had a great lunch out with the boys. Though Tymen wasn't super co-ordinated with his chopsticks he managed to stab and pop a ton of sushi in his mouth and didn't leave a whole lot for his loving mother.


{A Walk With Auntie}
When she has kids, I am going to drive over to where she lives and take her crazies out on a walk...just so she can have a few moments of silence like she does for us. She's pure gold.


{Touching Base}
We start out our day having a coffee and connecting....and inevitably someone wants to feel the love too and get right in the middle.


{Kiss Me, I'm Irish}
50% Dutch and then there's a mix of Irish, English, Welsh and few other contributions. He really is a willing kisser, though!


He's taking a lot of pleasure from banging things these days.


{101 Dalmatians}
That's my kid, the crazy poodle, at dress rehearsal.


I know I am not the only mom/teacher who gets teary at these performances. We are so very proud of these amazing kids and I am deeply grateful for the staff and volunteers who have done so much to make this musical happen.


{Lunch Date}
They were completely satisfied with their happy meals until Oma and Opa opened up their sushi. Then the boys dropped their cheeseburgers like hot potatoes and started clamoring for a bite.


It was a busy week and between the last two performances she did, we headed out for a Red Robin's dinner together.


Just not sure what else to try.


Meghan and I ran the boys our for our first picnic of spring. It felt so good to be in the warm sunshine.


{Night off}
Tuesdays are when Meghan picks up the boys, plays with everyone, gets homework done, and makes a lovely dinner. I LOVE coming down from the office to eat a wonderful meal that I didn't cook!




{Blue Ribbon}
To my surprise, Ruby won a ribbon for her science experiment which involved many gallons of water as we determined whether baths or showers took the most water.

27-science-1-2 copy

Ben takes time with each of the kids to teach them how to build and create things. They love pounding things. (Project obscured by piles of stuff but I'm sure it was cool).


{First Tooth Lost}
He's been waiting and waiting for a tooth to fall out. Big deal!


{Red Tulips}
Tymie and I were buying some flowers for a friend. She also has red as a favorite color. When he told her he was the one that found her bouquet, she hugged him, gave him fist bumps and left him beaming.


{Gong Show}
I posted the March family picture of the loving Hamiltons but to be honest, 90% of the shots are like this. It's not easy to shoot six moving targets! (I actually love reality shots too!)


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