While I was editing this morning, Jasper perched himself up on the desk next to me and starting reading me stories from the Early Reader's Bible. Mornings like this make me especially thankful that he's a half day kindergarten guy this year so I get him an extra few hours.

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Every year when the first flowers bloom and things warm up it makes me feel like I can breathe again.

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A little fresh air and exercise does us all well. We feel very lucky to live near lots of beautiful areas.

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If he just lays still for a few minutes instead of wiggling around...he's out like a light. Today I let him sleep a little long and then had a cuddle when he woke up and smelled his warm sweetness.

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He can't button his collared shirts to save his life, but by golly, he can whistle.

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One of Theo's favorite things to do is to "get us". He was trying to kick my hand here and yelling " 'ot ya!!". Pretty proud of myself for nailing the focus one handed like this ;)

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Rub a dub dub. Three men in a tub.

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She can bend and twist herself in ways that would permanently injure me if I tried them. We just got this trapeze swing from Amazon and I know it's going to get a ton of use.

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When I was a little girl, Turn on the Sun by Nana Mouskouri was one of the first songs I learned. It feels SO GOOD to spend time outside and feel spring coming. Ruby and I had some bikeraces this afternoon and then walked at the park.

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Love that little face.

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Sunny skies and blooming trees...pretty near perfect!

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Thankful for time with my friend.

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Had a good mocha chai with my gem of a sister in law.

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Lunch in the sunshine on the beach.

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Barefooted, roadtripping, sushi eater. Yep, that's my boy.

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Jasper was schooling Uncle Dano in tic-tac-toe as we waited for dinner. Uncle Dano said, "Wow, Jasper, my three moves are no match for your six! You are winning every time."

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On our potty break at Barnes and Noble in Bellingham during our trip down from Vancouver, I told the troops to choose a book. They were elated.

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He's made his way through his first set of Bob Books and it's been so fun to see his mounting excitement when he sees words he knows in other books. It's been a pleasure for me to teach the kids to read before they head into kindergarten to give them an extra little bit of confidence.

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My little crow getting ready for her school's production of The Wizard of Oz.

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After I took school portraits of the cute preschoolers in Tymen's class today, we went on a tour of the garden nursery. Theo got to join in the planting. "I too?" is his constant question.

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I spent the morning with Ruby and her third grade class at the Washington State History Museum. Here we were checking out the mummy.

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Jasper was proud as punch to share his "All About Me" book at school today.What a special thing to be able to watch as he beamed at his friends between pages.

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I'd been impressed with the organization, effort and talent during the week when I'd been helping a little at rehearsals and shows. However, when I actually got to watch the show from beginning to end, I was completely overwhelmed with how amazing this performance was and so grateful my girl got to be a part of it.

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Oma came down for the weekend to see Ruby's play. On Sunday they had a girl day together...cuddling in bed, watching a movie, playing Mexican train, and going shopping. Every chance she gets, she's with Oma. I remember feeling that way about my Oma too. Nothing like being loved like that.

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Warmer days, longer evenings to play....we're loving this time outside together. It's my goal each and every day to wear out my boys.

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Lots and lots of kids playing outside tonight.

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We celebrated making it halfway through the week with daddy gone by going on a donut date. Theo calls them "nonuts" and almost took off Ruby's finger too when he asked to "share".

27-IMG 9843 copy

When she was his age, Ruby was drawing people with eyes, noses, hair, ears, mouths. Theo is mostly a scribble man so Ruby's giving him a few tips.

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Jasper was beyond thrilled to have lunch with the principal which we won (with some other awesome families) at the auction this year. (He was stuffing pizza crust in his mouth here). We are so incredibly blessed to be in a school with such strong and caring teachers and administration!

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My loves.

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This morning in church during worship, I wept as person after person came out holding a cardboard sign. One one side it said the situation and on the other it declared the redemption of the Lord.
Chronic back pain- Healed.
Eating disorder- Set free.
Teen pregnancy- Happily married 19 years.
Abortion and shame-Raising and fostering five blessings.
Convicted and sentenced to prison- Unshackled in every way.
Had an affair and left my wife- Returned and remarried.
Depression- Freedom.
Here is mine, though as Pastor Steve said, all the cardboard out there couldn't be enough to contain the messages.
Grateful for the redemption of Easter.

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