I am thrilled with how many of my friends are joining me in daily documenting of life! As I look through last years' images, it reminds me of how  much more precious each picture gets as time passes. It also reminds me that I am the luckiest girl in the world to have this beautiful life. I hope you all look at images of your lives and feel the same. Jasper was ecstatic to build a ferris wheel with Daddy, complete with a motor.

01-IMG 0934 copy

The pogo stick was her Christmas present. She's jumping all over the neighbourhood. I can't even do two bounces.

02-IMG 1009 copy

Theo did not feel like play-doh time was going his way today. Every minute or two I'd hear him claim, "Mo! (No!) Mine!" That lip makes me laugh.

03-IMG 1048 copy

Ahhhh, just what we needed! An overnight date thanks to babysitting swaps with dear friends. We ate gyros, watched Les Miserables (though Ben glanced rebukingly at me when I was singing along!), and a ten hour sleep at a lovely hotel. Our marriage is so worth investing in....and sleep is wonderful too!

04-IMG 1092 copy

She's pretty much read all the classics I put on there for Christmas. Seeing how much she loves to read satisfies me and reminds me of the hours that I spent on my bed devouring books when I was her age. (I'm also having fun shooting in extremely low lit situations.)

05-IMG 1199 copy

Things got a little rowdy during family games tonight.

06-IMG 1407 copy

Tymen and Jasper each got their own rolls of tape in their stockings this year and they are LOVING the power. The possibilities are endless, though the roll is not :)

07-IMG 1527 copy

There's little he enjoys more than a good sword fight. When he's clocked one too many people, and his sword has been confiscated, he marches over and grabs himself some tinker toy sticks to clench in his fists and uses them instead. All. Boy.And.I.Love.It.

08-IMG 1827 copy

We are being a bit more organized with date nights with the kids. Each week, Ben and I are taking turns taking one of the kids out for some fun. Last night Tymen and Daddy got some ice cream and then came home to make tin can stilts. Tymen flung his arms around Ben and then flexed his muscles when they were done.

09-IMG 1905 copy

Tymen dreams of the day when he's a dad. "When I'm a dad, I'm going to go to Paris. When I am a dad, I'm going to send you pictures of my babies. When I am a dad, I'm going to fry eggs. When I am a dad, I am going to have lots of hamsters." Today he added, "When I am a dad, I am going to shoot the eyeballs out of the bad guys." Here he was practicing on his brother.

10-IMG 2022 copy

I had fun today playing with this technique of taking dreamy out of focus images that I read a tutorial on recently. I love that even though you can't see details, you can get the feel for how the little brother wants the attention of his big sister.

11-IMG 2684 copy

After she jumped a long time on her pogo stick and vacuumed the whole house for me, I told her she could have the treat of watching an American Girl movie on her kindle. Then I heard, "Hi Wee-wee." "Hi Do-Do. Do you want to watch a movie with me." "Yeah." I love how she wrapped her arm around her bookend.

12-IMG 2777 copy

Oh how I love invented spelling. Jasper wrote: Happpy brthdae too yoo. We love Ben.

13-IMG 2896 copy

He's the baby and he knows it and we know it. We're all pretty much putty in his hands when he smiles that chipmunky smile at us.

14-IMG 1945 copyp

Ruby and mummy have been hit hard with a miserable cold. Homemade soup helped and we laid around with blankets all morning watching Anne of Green Gables.

15-IMG 3023 copy

People hear us coming from many aisles away. We're not the quietest ones at the grocery store.

16-IMG 3097 copy

It makes me smile every time Theo calls Ben, "Laddy." He follows laddy around like a little puppy.

17-IMG 3191 copy

My beautiful girl in the fog after school. I love her so much. (I'm feeling a bit sad about cutting her thick hair next month for Locks of Love but it's such a good cause and she has her heart set on it.)

18-IMG 3289 copy

Here's our little bub eating some pho after taking a trip to the ER. He gashed his little head when he pushed his chair over with him belted in it. Good thing the doctor glued it shut and Ben said that he thanked all the nurses and doctor each time they did anything for him.

19-IMG 3587 copy

We've all passed around the crud-fever-hacking-bleary-eyed thingy this week. Ick. Jasper kept telling me that he felt stressed and he had hot eyes. No fun but we are definitely on the upswing.

20-IMG 3689 copy

Even though he's still a bit banged up from his accident the other day, we took him to get his passport picture done. We're sure looking forward to the Disney cruise that Oma and Opa are taking the family on this summer.

21-IMG 3720 copy

Today I had a nice slice of sweet potato pie for dessert, followed by a second helping of my niece's belly. Num.

22-IMG 3826 copy

It was a pretty funny cousin shopping trip. Theo sat silently as Quinn went on with rapid fire commentary. "I NEED THAT ONE!!! I need THAT one too! That is mine and that is mine and that is MINE!!" Shoppers were walking by smiling and shaking their heads. If Theo even pointed at something Quinn corrected him, "NO! No, that's MINE!"

23-IMG 3902 copy

They are really loving looking at last year. There are lots of favorites. It makes me happy.

24-IMG 4115 copy

I was breezing through Ruby's schoolwork and this caught my eye and made me smile. She was finished with math and getting a little creative. It reminds me of what her mother used to do.

25-IMG 4176 copy

A few days ago, I was playing around with him and tried to bait him, "Sometimes I like to pinch your bum." He got a sappy look on his face and replied, "Sometimes all I want to do is kiss you." Ahhhh, love this softie of mine.

26-IMG 4234 copy

We've been hunkered down the last couple weeks. First a cold-cough-fever thing and then we've all been knocked over by the flu. Whoever was down got "the bowl" and mom's kindle to watch movies.

27-IMG 4182 copy

Socks don't stay on for long at our house. I lined up all those feeties in a row and gave everyone a dried cherry as a bribe to stay put.

28-IMG 4299 copy

It's not often I'm in a funk but I have been today. I have to say, a BOLT of adrenaline hit me when I saw the UPS guy bring a box to my door and SURE ENOUGH it was this lens that I've been pining for. Ahhhhhhh, so excited to play with it.

29-IMG 4315 copy

It was Tymen's turn for a date with mum this week. After we had gyros for lunch he wanted to go on the carousel at the Supermall. One day he'll be a big guy who will look for his excitement in other places but today he was thrilled to be a dragon warrior. I love this boy.

30-IMG 4472 copy

I love getting my muppet up from his nap. He's a bit of a wandering sleeper:naps in our bedroom and at night he sleeps in a playpen in the guestroom. At some point we'll get this little man into a bed but my guess is he'll want to party with whoever we put him with. Love that I can tell he's grinning even without seeing his mouth.

31-IMG 4484 copy