Every sunny day (or not rainy day) is an excuse to get outside and burn off energy. I feel like everyone does a lot better when we move a lot.01-jasper jump-1

We watched exactly 1.5 games this season and the superbowl where the Seahawks came out way on top was a super fun game to watch. We didn't have any Seahawks gear but we did have a gift from family out of Colorado that we decided to "embellish".

02-jasper jump-1-3

{Easy Peasy Personality}
He is one easy going, happy guy. His great disposition is loved by us all.

03-jasper jump-1-2

{Global Reading}
Ruby and her fellow Ninja Readers were thinking hard to recall details during the Global Reading Challenge at her school.


{Burst Pipe}
I found a note from the water meterman on the front door that out water usage was waaaaaaaaaay up and that we should check for problems. There was a problem....a burst hot water pipe that had been gushing for days/weeks? Ben crawled under the house and with the help of these boys, hauled out a good 40 buckets of water. We should have a whopper of a bill coming up but I am thankful it's fixed and that I have a husband who just jumps in and takes care of what needs to be done.


{Tea and Treats}
It was bitterly cold yesterday and the boys were chilled to the bone when we got home. Tea in their own pots is always a big hit.


(We're stealing this term from my friend, Mary!). We LOVE the Olympics around here and I find that though I have lived in the States for 20 years now, I am Canadian through and through at this time. Maybe it's just a response to US Olympic news coverage . Here Tymen and I are wearing duds from the 2010 games in Vancouver.


{Not Wrestling}
I have a "no wrestling" rule in our house for these boys who think it's fun and then quickly injure each other...but they are drawn together like magnets. Today I cautioned, "Uh-oh, are you WRESTLING???" They responded, "No....we're hugging!!" Yeah, right...


They tossed some around before church and then Ben tuckered them out at the hill at the school this afternoon. Everyone went straight to sleep tonight.

09-snow-1-2 copy

{The Great Outdoors}
This boy is like a little puppy: rolling, crashing, kissing, hugging, wrestling. I try to get him outside to let him run in circles and burn off some of that energy.


{Sugar and Spice}
Girl time with some of our sweet friends. Cards, crafts, a game, and lots of sugar. We are thankful for good friends.


{That Look}
He wears his emotions on his sleeve and you can read what he's thinking on his face. With this look, he's trying to crack me up.


{Sweet as Pie}
I didn't get a whole lot done yesterday but we sure did bake up some pies for some terribly sweet teachers. We are so very grateful for the way they go way beyond their job descriptions and make our kids feel loved, valued, smart, and capable....and our whole family feels the overflow of that love.

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{Loving my Crazies}
It was a bit of a gong show getting this shot.

14-crazval-1 copy

{Gnocchi Date}
On Saturday we had a busy day...swimming lessons, basketball game and then Ben stayed for my Shooting in Manual class. Afterwards we had a lovely date at Sorci's in Sumner where we pretty much licked the plates of our freshly made gnocchi and vodka sauce. Weekly dates are the BEST, especially when they include good food and conversation with Ben.


{Monkeys Jumping on the Bed}
There's a "no jumping on the bed" rule at our house...except when mama is working on action shots indoors.


{Bible Stories}
Bible stories with Auntie Meghan at bedtime.


{Good Sports}
It was soggy and slushy but they all had a blast anyways.


{Cabin Fever}
Though we get outside every chance we get, the storminess of the past few days has left us longing for barefeet on the grass, popsicles on the front steps and late nights of biking in the neighbourhood.


{Olympic Hockey}
Canada vs. US women...what a game! Our red is showing strongly over here where the kids have dual citizenship. I suspect Tymen is so pro Canada because he LOVES the color red.


Ruby and I have been working on her science experiment this week, seeing what takes more water, showers or baths. We've averaged, calculated, recorded and repeated. The boys have taken advantage of the extra baths and are squeaky clean.

21-baf-1 copy 2

It's been her first basketball season and we couldn't be more pleased with our experience. An incredible coach who's encouraged and trained her, a wonderful group of girls with great attitudes, and a supportive environment.

22-rbasket-1 copy

So, so glad I married him! Breakfast in bed fixed by four excited children and one super auntie.


He's absolutely delighted to whack anyone available with swords and the laughs that come out of him are so much fun to hear.


{Fly Guy}
Theo is pretty keen on the adventures of Fly Guy. I'm pretty keen on the fact that my hubby took my Shooting in Manual class and learned how to properly expose for backlighting

25-fly guy-001

These guys love biking to school when the weather is nice and think it's super awesome to know the combinations to their bike locks.


{Last Rays}
We are all so itchy for spring. On these sunshiny days, the kids are all outside having a blast together while I prowl around my yard and watch the tulips coming up and inspect the branches for buds.

27-sun (1 of 1)

Off to her first dance, a Father Daughter dance. I hope they do a little swing tonight. Ben's taught her how to cut the rug and she absolutely loves to dance with him (and she's a lot better at it than I am!).

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