Took my two T's to the park to run off some steam. They had a fantastic time messing around and I had a glorious time playing with my new lens :)

01-IMG 4656 copy

I had a great time with this super group of mamas (plus one more who had to leave before this picture) who jumped in and listened to my barrage of information (I talk fast!). I really enjoyed all of your participation and can't wait to see what you do with any of the information that you learned. Thanks for coming!


02-IMG 4843 copy

On our way to tea with our girlfriends, I made everyone stop at the park so I could take some photos with my new lens. Denise was not intimidated by my big camera and took this one of me and my girl which I LOVE. So blessed to have her.

03-IMG 5030 copy

The kids were thrilled to make a surprise trip to Great Wolf Lodge. When we arrived we swam, had goodies, took baths, watched a movie and then the boys went to bed. Ruby got to stay up with mum and dad for snacks. Love that she's not too big to sit on her daddy's lap.

04-IMG 5429 copy

Jasper was pretty much grinning the whole entire day. He and Tymen have decided that when they are dads, they are going to live at Great Wold Lodge.

05-IMG 5765 copy

I remember reading about Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad to my 3rd grade students in Texas. I told them how she would travel at night and feel for the moss around the north side of the trees to help her go the right direction and they asked what moss was. What is MOSS???
We practically have it growing on us in this area during this time of year. I do feel encouraged to see little hints of spring...buds on trees, the tops of bulbs peeking out.

06-IMG 5239 copy

The boys helped me bake heart cookies to put in the freezer for Ruby's and my fifth Valentine's party. Here they are before bringing Daddy up his cookies. When we got to the office, Theo's lip curled over when Ben reached for his plate and he whimpered, "Mo, MINE!!!"

07-IMG 5948 copy

I've wanted her my whole life.

08-IMG 6055 copy

For Jasper and mummy's date, we went to Target to get him his first pair of kicks with laces, had hot chocolate and coffee at Starbucks where we talked about why crabs have shells and not bones, and went to Trader Joe's where Jeppy bought me yellow tulips. He was happy and chirpy and chatty, and even perfectly behaved when I got pulled over for speeding on the way home. When the very kind officer let me off with a warning, Jasper approved, "What a graceful man." A good date, indeed.

09-IMG 6565 copy

Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold. So blessed to have my dear friend and her husband over for dinner while they were in town. When I was 18 and in Bible college I would run over to her beautiful apartment for a chat and a cup of tea and a heart conversation. So thankful for friendships that run deep, even when we don't see each other often.

10-IMG 6586 copy

We had a great time at our party last night...lots of girls and lots of mamas and lot of laughing. The Two Truths and a Lie game was hilarous but the biggest laughs of the night were when the moms had to apply lipstick to the girls blindfolded.

11-IMG 6691 copy

My little lovebug was doing a bunch of chores for me and earned himself 20 minutes of computer time. Watching him is his every faithful pillow pet friend who has become quite a favorite. And her name is.....Celebrainia. Ruby says Celebrate+ Brain+Mania= Celebrainia.

12-IMG 7280 copy

Usually bedtime is about eight but Wednesdays are late for us because of church classes and meetings. Tonight bedtime was going even later because after Bible stories, Daddy created a funny adventure story which the boys looooove.

13-IMG 7318 co2py

Valentine's Day at our house is a family love fest. We eat a fun meal on Valentine dishes, decorate cookies, play warmer/colder for their treats (tape, pens, notepads for the big kids...oranges for Theo), and we smooch and hug a lot. Happy love day!

14-IMG 7439 copy

We were all so happy to play outside on this sunny and mild afternoon. Theo was quite taken with Striper the bunny that our neighbours brought out. Milo, their cat, was steering clear of the chaos.

15-IMG 8207 copy

Oh, how we love Tymen.

16-IMG 8465 copy

Jasper and I and Giraffey took a few portraits this afternoon. Giraffey had a bad attitude about it.

17-IMG 8447 copyw

She was showing me her tricks on the bars which she practices all the time at school. Theo was trying to pull her off and then laughing like crazy.

18-IMG 8614 copy

On his first "happy visit" to the dentist, Theo was happy to go up and down on the chair, wear shades, spray water and put the suction thing in his mouth. He was not so happy to have his teeth brushed or really open his mouth. The staff was awesome with him and I think getting all the treats at the end will leave him happy to go back in six months!

19-IMG 8767 copy

They love to surprise us with breakfast and lunch, especially with heart pb and j's.

20-IMG 7322 copy

One day until Oma comes and we have a girl day, including cutting 10 inches of Ruby's pretty hair for Locks of Love. Today, she and I took some really simple clean portraits to document what she looks like right now.

21-IMG 9294 cop

So proud of my precious girl for donating her ponytail to Locks of Love. Oma came to cheer her on and give her money for a new hair accessory. I left a nice tip for the super stylist who did the cut for free and was nice to me when I was stalking around the whole time with my camera.

22-IMG 9386 copy

He's the one for me.

23-IMG 9820 copy

Nothing quite as sweet as oma love.

24-IMG 9552 copy

Theo reasoned: why nap when I could pull over the box with my mummy's new lamp and shred the foam into little pieces, get it into my pants and all over my bed and the floor?

25-IMG 9327 copy

She's memorized everything in her hardbound copy of The Guinness Book 2013. Tonight we went online to see what records she could break. We thought she had a shot at pogo jumping as she can do over 200, only to discover the record is 206, 864. Here she is enjoying the loudest burp on record.

26-IMG 9917 copy

Though I have confiscated the swords at our house because he kept clocking us all on the head, everything has become a sword. The boys call Tinker Toys "Theo's Hi-ya Sticks" and every stick outside is a weapon. What is it with boys?

27-IMG 0187 copy

Egged on by the giggles of her sweet friend after they walked home in the rain, Ruby said she'd lick a slug...and she did. (Does it make me a bad mom that I let her so I could photograph it since I didn't have a better idea for my photo of the day?)

28-IMG 0213 copy