{We're All A Part}
So grateful to be a part documenting this wonderful week with our kids and so very proud of Meghan's leadership. (Thanks to the friends who spent literally HOURS putting up this display in our church foyer!)


Love that sweet little face grinning at me.


{Cracker Barrel}
Perfect place to eat breakfast while roadtripping! Theo got his own bottle of syrup and used EVERY DROP.


{Jumping Cousins}
Nine boys and two girls, lots of cousins to play with.


{Girls Night Out}
We left behind the 13 boys and Nana, the aunties and two girl cousins went to the nail salon, ate ice cream, smell tested candles, looked at accessories and gave some hair styling products a whirl. Good times.


{Garden of the Gods}
We had a fantastic hike around this beautiful place!


{Jumping Rope}
Uncle Mike and Auntie Sara had the best yard for a batch of cousins to play in: carpet ball, go carts, basketball court, sandbox, trampoline. Here's Uncle Mike giving the jump rope a try. (Those Colorado sunsets were gorgeous!)


{Penny Arcade}
The concentration and competition between Nana and Tymen was fierce.


{Home Again, Home Again, Jiggidy, Jig}
One of our many gas station stops on our 21 hour straight drive home from CO. Many thanks to Meghan for being a road warrior.


His laugh begs us to torture him more.


{Ninja Tymen}
Ninja Tymen tells us he plans to fill his bag with money, bring it to church, and give it to all the poor children of the world. this boy.


{School Supplies}
I had a "date" with each of the kids. Hot chocolate and packing school supplies into their new backpacks.


{This Boy}
He's the cherry on top of our family.

13-boy-160 copy

The reason we don't wrestle frequently is that it ends like this....every time.


{Red Fish, Blue Fish}
Off for a weekend of beautiful food, flowers, shopping, sleeping uninterrupted with my sweet friend in Victoria. This fish was a perfect beginning.


I had such a lovely time with my dear friend in Victoria. We talked for hours (and hours and hours) on this trip and ate some terribly good food. SO nice to have some girltime.


Love finding portraits of myself at my desk.


{New Duds}
During these couple weeks before school I'm taking each of the kids out on a date for a new outfit for school and a treat. Jasper told me what he was looking forward to the most about second grade was making friends with Mrs. Nelson. SO thankful for a great school and wonderful teachers!


{Berry Picking}
They were all thrilled to find berries but Theo was ecstatic about our "abenture" (adventure!)


From the time Ruby was a baby, I've always instituted quiet/reading/downtime in the afternoons that we're home together. Some of the kids need it more than others....but I definitely need it most of all!


{Doughnut Reward}
When our kids pass a swimming level, they get to pick out doughnuts for the family. Level 8, check! I told her when she passes level 10 she can choose a friend to take out for dinner....a nice little carrot.


{White Rock Beach}
The beach is our happy place. Mum and I swooped into Superstore and grabbed a bunch of clearance sand toys and then we drove out to White Rock where the tide was out and the kids happily leapt around in the sunshine, sparkles and water. We finished off our day with big boxes of Moby Dick's fish and chips. Yum!!


With Oma beaming from the deck above. Three girls, three boys.


{Two Tymens}
We visited Uncle Tymen and Auntie Tasha and the kids. Our kids were in awe that Uncle Tymen put in a zipline in their back yard.


Swimming teacher: Good job, Theo! Give me five!!
Theo: High five! (turn his hand in a tricky move) PSYCH!!!!
Teacher and mom laugh like crazy.1-tashatymen-1

{Time to Play}

After swimming lessons.


It feels like it's been a busy and noisy last few weeks. I had a night just with Theo in the office and thoroughly enjoyed his company. He drew, I edited, and we chatted and kissed.


{Birthday Girl}
Off to the Norwegian town of Paulsbo to celebrate Auntie Meghan's birthday. (I owe my father in law for letting me pressure him into the viking hat which he clearly wasn't loving! Maybe some pie will heal the memory!)


The wind blew them out before we got the peach pie to her but she gave the candles a mighty blow anyways!


Perfect thing to do on a rainy night.


Don't know why but I love this one.