The last month we’ve been flying around here: kids’ camp, a week to catch out breath, VBS and then straight to Colorado to visit Ben’s family.  I just couldn’t get July dailies posted before I left so I’m a wee bit late…and that’s okay!

{Canada Day}
My kiddos think it's pretty cool to be both Canadian and American.01-ww-1-8

{Nailed it!}
After about five or so sessions floating around with attempts at passing level 3, I was at a loss of what to do with Tymen. Enter Super Awesome Swim Instructor who was firm and kind and got right to it. One lesson with her and Tymen had passed. Wahoo!


{Feo and Sierrup}
Theo and Sierra. I adore their little friendship.


Boy did we have fun. Biking, scootering, water bottle rockets, volleyball, grilling, eating, fireworks. I LOVE seeing this awesome group of kiddos too. We were missing one who was still on the way to the park, one who got sick and had to go home with a sister and one who broke his arm (last year there was a broken arm too...eep!!!). Thankful for freedom, all the blessings of this country and families to grow our kids with!


{Breakfast Date}
A real conversation and good food and coffee. Yes.


Good times eating and swimming.


{Cousin Levi}
So happy to have Levi for a visit.


{Guitar Lessons}
Papa was giving Theo lessons on playing some tunes and then he composed him and "Ouchie" song so he could sing the blues about his finger wound that he's been talking about.


It blessed my heart to see Papa and Tymen having some quiet time together.


{Beach Days}
My favorite summer days are beach days with our kids and friends. It is amazing to me how hard they work like little ants, scurrying around to dig and fill and create roads and trenches and castles. The camaraderie warms me and I dearly love how exhausted they are at the end of the day from all their "work". (Cousin Levi dug the deep holes for the little ones on this day).

10-levi beach-1-2

{Summer Nights}
Bare feet, grass, sunshine, no schedules.

11-night-1 copy

{Locked Out}
Sometimes my best parenting strategy involves locking the back door and letting the boys have at it with their swords (and a bucket or two on their heads).


Ready for a journey with some awesome kids coming to camp. This was our prep and decorating day.


Ruby got right on the Blob at camp. She is fearless, this girl and got it from her daddy.


{Glitter Girls}
My sweethearts for the week at camp. We laughed, played, prayed, snacked, and had a blast together.


{Glitter Girls}
My sweethearts for the week at camp. We laughed, played, prayed, snacked, and had a blast together.


Sure was glad for all the swimming lessons we've done!


{Love Them}
What a gift it was to be entrusted with these precious girls for the week.


{Post Camp}

Flat on her face, she asked when she got up from this nap, “What just happened to me???”19-campover-1

The kids are ecstatic that Auntie is dogsitting and she has lots of willing helpers to visit with Chloe and Boo-Boo.


{Lunch Date}
Mr. Quality Time just eats up one on one. We biked up to Hop Jacks together and he chirped happily through the whole meal. Always worth taking the time.


{Crossed Ankles}
He's done this ever since he was a baby when he's happy....and it makes me happy.


{Scooting on a Summer Evening}
We're loving these nights!

23-feet-1 copy

{Scooting on a Summer Evening}
We're loving these nights!


We spent the morning, biking around to some of the new playgrounds in our neighbourhood. Tymen was walking the plank.


{Half Monkey, Half Boy}
He's forever climbing and jumping, and he loves bananas too.


So very proud of Meghan, who is directing our VBS at church this year. She was so great in our set up meeting of not just communicating the details, but truly sharing the heart of what we are doing. We are so fortunate to have her leadership with our kids and volunteers!


{Fun and Games}
Theo tells us he's having a great time at "PBS" (VBS).

28-vbs-day 1-4-6

{The Big God Story}
Almost 200 kids and 100 volunteers. It's so fun to see people feeling loved and connected in relationship with God and each other.


{Water Day}
Jasper was loving getting Miss Carly with the water gun!!


{Superhero Day}
Loving VBS!