{Monkey Bars}
Maybe it's because I refuse to hold him while he goes for ring after ring, but he's teaching himself to get across. Way more fun, anyways.

01-monkey-1 copy

Ruby's class was assigned a fun project of designing an alien with clear abilities to live on a certain planet.

02-alien-1 copy

{Crazy Loom}
Bracelets are being cranked out at lightning speed and little brothers are itching to give it a try too.


Rubber boots are pretty constant footwear at our house.

04-Tymen six year -1-2

So fun to have time to hang out with some of Tymen's friends.


We need to practice blowing. Tymen was huffing and puffing and took about ten tries to get out his six candles. I was dying at the end.

06-Tymen six year -1

75 degrees and the boys claimed they were being boiled. They spent about six hours playing outside with their buddies. Here are Theo and Tymen with their friend, comparing muscles.

07-hot-1 copy

Sometimes it's easy in parenting to get caught at the level of modifying behavior. It's our goal to grow the hearts of our kids, even when it's messy and hard and humbling. I'm grateful for perspective, especially when it's written on the wall.


{Tulip Festival}
We had a great time up at Mt. Vernon enjoying all the colors and flowers. Made my heart happy to see rows and rows of tulips.

09-tulip-1 copy

{Happy Trails}
These are the same horses (plus a few layers of paint) that were at this park when I was Tymen's age horsing around with my dad at the park. The horses and my dad haven't changed since then.

10-tulip-1-2 copy

{Dim Sum}
My parents took all of us out for dim sum for lunch. Here's my cute niece digging in. All the kids loved swinging around the lazy Susan to get what they wanted.


{Stanley Park}
When I was in grade two we were on a field trip to Stanley Park and our classes piled on this fire engine and had our picture taken and put in the Vancouver Sun. Fun to be back with my family.

12-tulip-1-5 copy

{Spring Break}
It was pretty much a perfect spring break. Lots of bikeriding, parks, playing outside, a good visit to Oma and Opa's, art projects and friends. We needed a break and a little reminder that summer is coming.


{Still Little Enough}
Funny how you never really think,"This is the last time I'll put this child on my shoulders." Our oldest three are too big for that now and it makes me want to take advantage of seeing this little guy perched up high where he thinks he owns the world.


First thing when she's out of bed in the morning, she's looming, before she's dressed or brushed her teeth.


{Whoopie Cushion}
The power of a whoopie cushion in the hands of a boy is not to be underestimated.


{Getting Big}
Our baby is getting himself dressed and buckling himself in. It feels like we're moving past some of the tasks that we've been doing for years between all the kids. Bittersweet.

17-lego club-015

{Getting Big}
Our baby is getting himself dressed and buckling himself in. It feels like we're moving past some of the tasks that we've been doing for years between all the kids. Bittersweet.


{Coloring Eggs}
They were all giggling when I told them about the year when little Tymen was singing and making his eggs kiss...and cracking them together enthusiastically.


{Egg Hunt}
We had an egg hunt at the park with some of our sweet pals.


{Girls' Night Out}
Ruby, Auntie Meghan and I all went for a good dose of girl time tonight....University Village...strolling through the shops, dinner out, and time to chat.


{Stomp Rockets}
The perfect birthday present for a boy like Tymen!


He's conquering some fears.


{Play Doh}
Must be closely supervised.


{Bare Feet and Sunshine}


{Tickling the Family Pirate}
He's so scary.


{New Shirts}
I found these on the clearance rack at Carter's from St. Patrick's day but had to pick them up because they are so indicative of their personalities.
Kiss Me- for the boy who thinks everyone loves him.
I'm Lucky Every Day- for the boy who lives an adventurous life and keeps his mother on her toes.


{Under the bus}
Me: (extra shocked voice) Theo! Who on earth got into the cake?
Theo: Ummmmm, ummm, ummmm, it was....mama.
Perhaps I just blanked out for a few moments?


My parents drove down today to pick up my dad's new snazzy Kelly Moore camera bag and extra batteries that were shipped to our house (way cheaper than shipping to Canada!). We also did a crash course in shooting in manual with his new camera. Now my dad is a highly creative and highly non-technical person (to say the least)....but he got it! He was absolutely giddy and running around the house, making all of us look at the shots he was able to get, which he'd never been able to get before. SO great! He and I are going to have so much FUN on our Amsterdam trip shooting together.


It is so, so, so good to feel summer coming.