We had a HAPPY time in the gardens with these lovely sisters.

IMG 1545 copy


I am always marveling how very different siblings can be....same parents, same home, same environment...different little people. It was their mommy's and my goal to capture a little of that on our session. And I think we did.

Meet Lydia...sunny, warm, thoughtful, tender hearted....

IMG 1441 copy


IMG 1439 copy

Next is Elyanna...funny, enthusiastic, a hugger and kisser.....

IMG 1380 copy


IMG 1424 copy

And sweet Adelai (aren't their names gorgeous???)....sweet, smiley, and cuddly.

IMG 1529 copy

IMG 1514 copy

One more of this little one. I wanted to emphasize her teeny, tiny little body.....15 pounds at almost a year.

IMG 1525 copy

Three beauties....so loved....I love what I do!

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