These kids are some of our dear, dear pals. We live a couple of minutes from each other and they all play hard and furiously when they have the opportunity. When praying at night, Tymen consistently thanks the Lord for, " Korban and Malakai and Korban and Malakai and Leo and Kiana".

A couple of weeks ago both the dads were gone so Denise brought over the kids along with pizza fixings and it was wild and crazy. At the end the kids were chasing around on the front lawn, the babies were gumming toys and sitting on our hips and Tymen came streaking out...completely in the buff except for his socks. Ah yes, the glowing moments of motherhood...

They are all busy but such a good hearted bunch. This night our plan went a little sideways for our photo shoot but I insisted on getting some headshots of the kids...and I am glad I did! I love these kids and it was fun to mess around with them and get some images of their personalities. (Thanks to Mom Denise for being the run-by-puppet-kisser-to-get-the-baby-looking-up assistant). So Part One, and Part Two will follow this summer!


IMG 9929 copywat


IMG 9953 copywat

Malakai (can you hear the laugh??)

IMG 9947 copywat


IMG 9887 copywat

IMG 9899 copywqat

IMG 9962 copywat

IMG 9939 copywat

IMG 9875 copyw

IMG 9994 copywat

IMG 0001 copy

I'm having a little "Wahoo Celebration" on my Cassandra Hamilton Photography facebook page....500 502. " I am going to do a contest for a headshot portrait. It could be for you, for your friend, for your child or baby. Some examples of headshots are what I got of the kids above (which I always try to get in a regular session) . Three images on disk. You must be local to enter or moving to Seattle soon :) . If you would like to win, leave a comment on my FB page and tell me what you are going to do this summer! It's been fun reading your ideas and plans. Thanks for all the support!!

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