Some of you may have read THIS STORY of an awesome adoption of a beautiful girl in foster care to the amazing family of some friends of ours. This happened a year ago this week. Rebecca and Oscar met Tricia at Royal Family Kids Camp and realized that God was putting this precious girl into their family. It's been a year of adjusting and growing and praying and commitment and though hard at times, beautiful things have happened in their family. Tricia and her sister, Bella, and their mom came to one of my Parent Photography Workshops to model for us. This is one of my favorites of Rebecca and Tricia.

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Oscar and Rebecca have such a heart for children and families and adoption. They are a part of the Royal Family Kids Camp team at our church and are preparing for 60 foster children at camp this June. These children are often abused and neglected and come to a camp where they are loved and cared for overwhelmingly. The counselors only have two children each so they can give them the attention that they need and deserve. Their week is packed with activities and teaching and fun with people that show them the love of God which can change a heart forever.

This year, Rebecca was challenged by her team to see how much she could raise in quantities of 60 to bless these children, who often have so very little of their own. One of my friends, Dawnie, had it in her heart to organize and believe for enough people to make double fleece tied blankets for each child. Oh, what a blessing it will be for them! Ruby and I had a great time putting together our girl blanket and boy blanket and when I shared what we were doing on Facebook, we had several other friends jump in to bless these kids too. Here's Ruby working on ours and then leaning on the stack of ours and a couple that were dropped off. I so appreciate people's generosity!!

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I have another friend who is collecting 60 sets of toothbrushes and toothpaste from their dental office. I am sure there are a few donations I don't know about. Here's what Rebecca said about the donations:

60 is the miracle number. The team just challenged me to see how many gifts I can gather for our campers this year. I need 60 of anything! For example: 60 Nanos, 60 Gift cards to anywhere, 60 swimsuits, 60 pencils, 60 backpacks, 60 T-shirts, 60 flip flops, 60 toothbrushes, 60 travel size shampoos, 60 toys, 60 hot wheels, 60 headbands, 60 hats, 60 suitcases, 60 sunglasses, 60 sleeping bags, 60 pillows...... __________ use your imagination! Thank you so much for giving of your time and money to make these blankets... they will be such a blessing to the kids. When we adopted Tricia out of foster care, she moved in with the RFKC duffle bag and 2 black garbage bags of personal items. What you are doing is going to bless someone beyond words. Thanks so much!

I was thinking about what I could do and I had it in my heart to take portraits of each of the 60 kids. Before I could even voice the thought, Pastor Tony (our children's pastor) asked me if I would consider doing just that. Yes!!! What fun it will be to create portraits that reflect who they are and the love they are experiencing!! I am so excited! So I will be heading to camp at the end of June, will take the portraits and have them professionally printed.

Here's where I am wondering if perhaps some of you might partner with me. I would LOVE to frame their 5 by 7 portraits and give them that with some extra 4 by 6 images to give to their loved ones. Would you consider donating some frames or money to go towards this project?  They can be any simple, solid colored frames that fit a 5 by 7 picture. I found these at IKEA the other day for $2.50.  We need 60 frames altogether.

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If you would like to help with this blessing here are the options:

  • You could donate any number of new 5 by 7 frames purchased from anywhere.
  • You could donate money and I could purchase the frames from IKEA for $2.50 each.
  • You could donate 60 of any of the items listed in Rebecca's wishlist (or come up with your own). You can also recruit a few friends to go in on it with you.
  • You could donate money to this whole project so the leadership of the RFKC team can purchase items towards this project.

These are amazing, precious kids who deserve all the blessings and love that our own children do. If you have in your heart to join with us in this project, we would love your support. It's amazing what love can do and how it can change a very countenance! Please let me know if you would like to be a part.

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