Let's be honest, it's never exciting to see a rainy forecast for the day that I have a photo shoot. Almost always I will reschedule but once in a while we just have to make it work because of time issues.

This day was one of those days. Ashley and James are about to have Baby Elijah in the next few weeks so it was time to photograph her nice tummy while he was still in there :) .

Ashley, being the great sport that she is, ran to Target, found the cutest boots and umbrella and was absolutely adorable for our session. I wish I was that cute at the end of being pregnant, but I was grumpy and rotating through the last three bedraggled shirts that I fit into.

They were fun, we laughed a lot, and this ended up being one of my most favorite tummy sessions ever!

Truly. How cute is this mama!

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IMG 4795 copywat


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Right at the beginning we had to establish a few guidelines....that Ashley's pretty hair was Priority A, so she got the umbrella at all times when we weren't under cover, and James' hair was Priority F. Just so long as he didn't look like he'd been swimming we were okay.

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Ashley and James are our friends. It has been quite a journey to see them on beginning to end. From feeling in their hearts that they were ready to start a family...to see Ashley green around the gills with morning sickness....to watching that tummy getting bigger....to talking about what he looked like on the ultrasound. They are incredible people. Generous and kind. Committed and fun. They will be awesome parents and we will all rejoice with them when their precious boy arrives.

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LOVE this one!

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In the following picture, Ashley was smiling but saying, "Don't tickle my tummy!!! DON'T TICKLE MY TUMMY!!!!" James does not appear to be heeding her warning, and the grin on his face makes my wonder if little Elijah might have the same expression at some time.

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Can't wait to get my hands on your baby boy, Ashley and James...and of course, take his pictures too :) .