For her birthday this year, Irene and her family celebrated by doing family pictures.  ( I gave myself the same gift this year as what does a mom want more than good images of my family all together? I get it!).  We’d been hovering over weather reports after a summer of beautiful, long days, and were relieved when it looked like the rain would be tapering off.  We ended up with a lovely, misty morning with beautiful light and a quiet park.  Irene and Yianni arrived with their girls who were swirling in their polka dot dresses.  We laughed and played games and talked.  The girls were so charming and fun.  Gabby was smiling and telling me all about how excited she was to head to kindergarten and once Charlotte checked me out, she showed me what a ham she could be.  The relationships between the Irene and Yianni and the kids were so warm and easygoing that it was a sheer pleasure to be with them. At the end, the girls had done so beautifully, and we decided do take a visit to the ice cream parlour which was at the park.  Part of the fun of family sessions is getting lots of good images of all the family members and then also, if we can, doing something fun together.  Gabby knew right away that she needed a scoop of strawberry with sprinkles and Charlotte was happy to “cheers” everyone with her cone.

Thank you for such a fun morning with your beautiful family!  Irene, I hope these pictures of how much your family cares for each other will be a real blessing for you for years to come.

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