Our kids had Friday off of school and we decided to go adventuring together and enjoy some fall happiness on a beautiful day as we’ve been dodging a lot of raindrops this season already.  I had everyone up and doing chores, with promises that great things were ahead.  Vacuuming, window washing, garbage emptying complete, we got in the van for our first stop.  Starbucks for breakfast sandwiches is always a hit and we had a gift card from a friend which also covered enough coffee for me to get moving (thanks, Grandee!!).

Next up was Picha Farms.  The fields were beautiful and misty and we wandered around, enjoyed the thrill of slingshot pumpkins and looking for a few special ones to bring home to decorate the front door as we were going to wait for our family trip to let them pick out their own.  Besides yelling at Theo and Tymen for running straight for the biggest puddle in their running shoes (rubber boots are on order from Zulily which doesn’t have the fastest shipping ever!), it was a happy time.

Lastly, we made it over to Carpinito Brothers where we stocked up on apples and sugar pumpkins which we roasted this weekend for pies, soup, muffins and pancakes.

By the time we got home, unloaded pumpkins and muddy shoes and all the riffraff that seems to accumulate in the van, this mummy was ready for a coffee and a half hour of quiet Smile.

Here’s some pictures of our day.  I’ve been playing around a lot with black and whites lately.  Though I love color, I love a good black and white too.