Please raise your hand if you are cute, and very loved!

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Yes, this little man knows that's the truth.

Meet Josiah, a super little personality at five weeks old. He and his parents are here for the summer and then they are traveling back to China where his parents teach English. While they are here, their families are soaking up this little guy while they can. This session was a gift from Auntie Rebecca and Uncle Erik, which I thought was a wonderful gift for them, especially with suitcase space being at a premium and lots of wonderful baby stuff to bring back with them already. We met up for this time at his grandparents' home, where his adoring grandma was admiring and cooing and loving him, rightly so.

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Every though this little guy isn't brand new and sleepy all the time, he still cuddled up and let me move him around a bit. I was impressed as it is definitely trickier to do after two or three weeks. It was a good thing we had a pacifier on hand.

See? Without a pacifier...and with one. What a cute little teddy bear!

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Just look at those nice milky lips, and cute cheeks and rolls. He sure is a boy looking boy.

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Dimples in the hands, a nice full tummy, legs curled up.

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His parents laughed and warned me about taking off his diaper and what always, always happens. They were right. Thankfully everything is washable :) .

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Here he is with his parents, Ben and Jessica, pulling faces at them. It is so fun when that whole eye contact, connecting part starts. They were great with him, comfortable and knowing his little likes (being cuddled outside) and dislikes (being changed).

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Then we popped outside for some more shots. Josiah really was fascinated with the great outdoors. Love those dark eyes.

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They are pretty taken with their little guy.

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Ben and Jessica, thanks for working in some time for me to come by and capture some of these first weeks. Your boy is wonderful. I hope he sleeps the WHOLE TRIP back to China!