I thoroughly enjoyed my play-photography date with Olivia, Lucy and their mummy, Sally. Their mum had arranged the session to be able to give as a gift for Father's Day. It wasn't a big secret so Dad was standing on the deck of the house, watching his three lovelies having fun playing together, with a huge grin on his face.

I adored these twin sisters and loved visiting with their warm and engaging mum.

While the sun was bright and overhead, we started in the shade of their back yard. Beautiful colors!!

These girls are bubble lovers, and I think that they were even better than their mum at blowing. Here they are huffing and puffing.

IMG 3743 copy edited-1

Sally's mother is a TRIPLET...can you believe it? Her husband told me they felt lucky to have twins...two personalities like this is plenty! Anyways, Sally's aunt, one of the triplets, made these yummy knit sweaters. I loved the colors that she chose.

IMG 3753 copy edited-1

IMG 3765 copy edited-1

WHAT a smile!!

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IMG 3812 copy edited-1

Lucy. Aren't they the sweetest little muffins?

IMG 3824 copy edited-1

Snacks and crackers for fortification before we got in the car.

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And when we got to the beach, there was the most lovely, golden light. We were so fortunate! I couldn't have ordered a better evening!

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So pretty.

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I might buy stocks in these lollipops that I use all, all, all the time. I have won over some great little friends with them.

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IMG 3982 copy edited-1

I loved how Sally engaged and played with her girls. It was so fun to follow them around. These girlies are truly treasured.