These brothers are the best of buds. It is something that their parents have encouraged since the beginning. It is so fun to see them being just what brothers should be.

On this evening we started in their backyard where they have two play structures: a cool playhouse, as well as a tree house, which is really often a pirate ship.

IMG 9476 copy edited-1

I believe that Skyler had a pirate birthday party, and since his mom is a theme sort of girl, they got tons of piratey bootey for their treasure chest. Skyler also has a treasure map...a little boys' paradise right there.

IMG 9471 copywat

Mom and Dad have had to peg down the swingset because the boys were going so high, but they also like to swing upside down.

IMG 9495 copywat

And then here is their playhouse, a well constructed little home where many, many hours have been spent.

IMG 9498 copywat

IMG 9508 copywat

We traveled to the front yard to hang out there a while.

Crazy faces, anyone? Yep, there are a lot of crazies in this household!


IMG 9564 copywat

IMG 9578 copywat

IMG 9621 copywat

Love these smiles, in various stages of tooth growth.

IMG 9644 copy edited-1

IMG 9671 copywat

Then we popped around the corner to one of their favorite parks. We were losing the light but got a few goodies.

IMG 9681 copywat

IMG 9696 copywat

IMG 9717 copywat

The happy couple, after Brad took a little ribbing about not giving his standard "photo smile".

IMG 9733 copywat

I sure do love spending time with the T Family (and will every chance I get!).

IMG 9754 copywat

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