They're all thrilled that a baby girl is on the way. Wesley, Zane and Orrin said that they were cool with a little sister and they told me that pink is manly :). They have just a few more weeks to wait until they get to experience some sugar and spice and everything nice. These boys are so wonderful and they are going to be awesome big brothers to their lucky little baby sister. Maternity pictures are always fun because there's that great sense of anticipation of the little person on the way. As good as things have been, they're going to get even better with another special member in the family. I loved this set of pictures as you can really see the dynamic of the family now. There's a whole lot of them ready to love this baby.

02-IMG 2751 copy


01-IMG 2762 copy

Zane, Wesley, Orrin. These fellows are ready to do some cuddling.

13-mindi gallery

Mindi looks fantastic and is so looking forward to adding a precious girl to their family.


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05-IMG 2774 copy


06-IMG 2779 copy

Mr. Personality.

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07-IMG 2814 copy


09-IMG 2831 copy

So Zane and my daughter, Ruby, were in the same class last year and Mindi and I smiled and nodded through the year as we waited for the kids to be dismissed. A mutual friend made the connection and it was so fun to get to know their family during this time together. I'm super excited to meet and photograph their family with their baby girl in a few weeks.

14-mindi gallery1

She's going to fit right in.

10-IMG 2869 copy

These two photos make me laugh. As they were on "stage" I had them show me a few of their best dance moves and they all let loose. Hilarious! That's what happens by the end of a session when we've had a good time together :).

15-mindi gallery2

11-IMG 2927 copy

Orrin's got something in his tummy too....maybe lunch?

12-IMG 2933 copy

Mindi and Jack, I so enjoyed taking these portraits of your family of five and can't wait to meet your sixth member...soon.

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