I was practically jumping up and down when I arrived to photograph newborns Ellie and Sam but I restrained myself. I was very excited. Newborns are just some of my very favorite little things in the world and I get all heady when I get to feel their cuddly, warm goodness and hear those little sighs. In this case, multiply that by two. It is also so fun for me to meet moms who are pregnant for maternity pictures, and then I feel like I get in on all the anticipation as I wait for the babies to be born.

I asked Jenny to put me on her mass email list when the twins were born and when that happy message came, and I saw the first images of them at the hospital, tears sprang to my eyes. I was so happy that the little sweeties had arrived safe and sound. My five-year-old, Ruby, is already hardwired to love babies and often asks me if she can watch the newborn gallery on my website. She was standing beside the computer when I opened the email and she gasped, and said, "Oh, don't you think you should take some pictures of those babies for your gallery?"

So I was delighted to meet up with Jenny and her husband, Ben, and their sweet babies, Eloise (Ellie) and Samuel (Sam).

I love these next photos....one from her maternity session and one once the babies arrived. Jenny with the big tummy and Jenny with her little bundles. It's often fun to repeat a picture that we do in a maternity sessions with the babies when they arrive.


We started off with the babies getting some milk. Ellie inhaled her meal and even happily consumed some of Sam's leftovers. Mom and Dad are busy and definitely a team. Love the eye contact that both babies are getting.

IMG 6394 copywat

Here are the two little sweethearts together. Ellie is on the top and little Sam is cozied in the bottom.

IMG 6429 copywat

Anyone that has spent two minutes looking at my website will know that I LOVE little feet, and four little feet, well.....

IMG 6491 copywat

IMG 6493 copywat

Here is sweet Ellie enjoying her quilt that her grandmother in England made for her. Handmade gifts are the best, especially from people that that love you so much. Soon her grandmother will come for a visit and get to cuddle this wee girl in her blanket.

IMG 6443 copywat

They look so different. I had wondered beforehand how I would keep track of who was who but Sam is definitely the little man and Ellie is a lady.

IMG 6606 copywat

Here is Sam getting loved by his mommy.

IMG 6521 copywat

And Ellie was soaking up her daddy's attention....and looking a little puzzled too.

IMG 6523 copywat

I loved the delicious little swirls of hair on the backs of their heads.

IMG 6554 copywat

LOVE this next one. Little Sam is registering a complaint.

IMG 6542 copywat


It was so fun for me to be in their home, feeling the connections that they have, the support, the love for each other and for these precious children.

IMG 6568 copywat

IMG 6569 copywat

LOOK at how cute and little those bare bums are. They look particularly tiny with their big, strong dad. You'll notice that after this, Dad is wearing a different shirt in the pictures as this white one somehow got a little wet.

IMG 6584 copywat

IMG 6592 copywat

They were incredibly good with all that we did with them, such great little temperaments. We really tuckered them out.

IMG 6618 copywat

IMG 6625 copywat

Jen and Ben have said that their families have been very supportive. I wanted to add in this picture of Jen's Auntie Ida, a lovely jewel of an aunt. She has years of experience as a nurse with newborns and has come to spend a few weeks to help support the little family....changing diapers, preparing meals, cuddling the little ones and sending Jen off for a nap. She dispensed advice when needed and was kind and generous and warm. She has declared the babies to be perfect, and she should know what she is talking about.

IMG 6653 copywat

Thank you so much for the pleasure of photographing your babies. I agree with your aunt...they are indeed perfect! ( Remember that when they are two :)).

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