One of my guilty pleasures is blog hopping. Actually, I don't feel guilty about it at all. I love it. I sip away at my iced coffee, cuddle with my baby and read entries of all types. Photography. Organization. Decorating. Deal shopping. Scrapbooking. I love the connections. I have to say, I have come upon just a few painful ones that I think should not be (can anyone say TOO MUCH INFORMATION?), but most are inspiring. Well, my friend, Angela of The Coupon Project, is encouraging her readers to find a better bottom line. She's a clever writer and has a wide variety that she offers. She has developed some great friendships with others in the blogging community who specialize in shopping for deals. Abby was one such peer, who was telling Angela before Christmas that she needed some headshots for her blog, Steals Plus Deals. Angela pointed her in the direction of my Christmas contest....and what do you know...she won :) !

We decided to do her shoot around the concept of shopping on a main street with some character. I was so happy to meet Abby and thrilled that she brought along an amazing red purse (which I LOVED). We took several head shots but also some that incorporated her concepts for her website.

Along the way, we talked about how moms are looking for ways to spend their money well and how saving has become cooler than ever. Abby was telling me that she became quite adept at online shopping during the years she spent in Alaska. She said that she was out in the freezing cold one day, returning with her preschoolers from picking up gallons of milk. As she was ushering them through the frozen outside, she went flying on a sheet of ice, fell head over heels and the jugs of milk splashed all over her. Any mom can relate to that kind of moment. She decided that staying home, shopping online and having things delivered to her door was the way to go. Having busy little kids makes me completely agree with that! I've been reading her blog the last little bit and can see the trust that readers have in her.

So in an effort to put a face to a name, and some great writing, here are some of the images we came up with.

She's super cute and got a great personality to boot.

IMG 2025 copy edited-1

IMG 1967 copy edited-1

My daughter came in as I was editing these ones by the red door and said, "What a beautiful lady. And look! She even matched her lipstick to the door!"

IMG 1925 copy edited-1

IMG 1904 copy edited-1

IMG 1912 copy edited-1

Peeking in store windows, scouting out the deals!

IMG 1920 copy edited-1

IMG 2011 copy edited-1

IMG 1986 copywat

IMG 2008 copy edited-1

I enjoyed her so much. We stood on the sidewalk for a while when we were done, just talking, and if I didn't have a baby about to wake from a nap at home I could have stayed a lot longer. I am thrilled to have found her blog and look forward to jumping on some deals...especially if she finds any more cute red purses like this :) . Thanks for a great afternoon, Abby!