Resolutions, whether you believe in them or not, can be a  helpful thing.   It's good to focus on some goals and make a fresh effort. My first one this year is typical....I've just got to get this last bit of baby weight off. Yep, it's time. My baby is 14 months now. That's one of my goals this year. However, waaaaaay more exciting to me are my photo resolutions. Catching the everyday and the nitty gritty of our lives is truly what I love looking back at later. Here are my goals:

1. Project 365. I wrote a bit more about it HERE where I also showed our monthly 2011 family pictures.

I've been excited by those of you who are jumping on the bandwagon to do the "Project 365" with me. A photo a day for the year. I am having a lot of fun each day grabbing my camera to get a shot of something in our lives. I plan on incorporating foods, errands, travel, habits, tickets and as much as I can. I am posting each day on my own facebook page and will do a blog post once a month of these images.

Here's today's picture: Jasper with his dearly loved Giraffey. At one point a few months ago, Giraffey went missing for a few days. When he was discovered under Oma and Opa's bed in the guestroom, he giggled like crazy and said, "Giraffey, honey, you've missed me!!!"

IMG 2439 copy

2. Monthly Kid Portraits.  Another thing that I'm going to do is to take a portrait of each kid each month. It can be at different times in different places but I want to watch these little crazies grow.

Here's January:

IMG 1718 copyw

IMG 2443 copyw

IMG 1673 copyw

IMG 2139 copyw

3. Day in the Life.  I am going to do another DAY IN THE LIFE OF THE HAMILTONS, probably in March or April. We LOVE looking at these books each year.

I love that some are ambitious like me to do the Project 365. Another friend says she takes pictures of her boys each year in the adult size jersey she bought for each when they were little. A self portrait a month, a family portrait a month, what ever feels manageable to it!

My dad has pictures of his mum and dad, sitting on the porch laughing, on the last family visit we had before my Opa passed away. My dad said that he took one or two of each of them that day, but had he known that it was their last time all together, he would have taken rolls and rolls of film. Take pictures. You never regret having too many (that's what the delete key is for :) ) but you may regret it if you never pick up your camera.

Let me know what your goals are this year in taking pictures of YOUR family! I'd love to cheer you on.