One thing I have told my mother-in-law over and over is that I am so glad for the way she exposed her children to all kinds of food. Ben says that most meals never appeared twice on their table because his mother was always experimenting and tweaking this and tweaking that. In the days of Hamburger Helper, she was grilling eggplant and throwing handfuls of unidentifiable items into her soups. As a result, I have a husband who happily eats everything I put in front of him. Even meals that are duds (of which there have been a few) he claims are delicious. My mother fed us in much the same manner. When we were little I remember being fascinated going to China Town and eating dim sum. She rolled sushi. We had good old meat and potatoes. She fed us a range of foods and although we had our favorites, we just never were allowed to not like something.

We've taken much the same approach with our kids. Yes, we are the mean parents who make their kids eat everything....within reason, of pressing hot chili peppers down their throats. However, we always have them eat a little of everything and as a result, they are pretty happy to eat whatever, wherever.

So a few weeks ago, when we were in Vancouver, my parents took us to a Vietnamese restaurant for pho. And my enthusiastic eaters jumped right in, shredding basil, tossing back bean sprouts and noodles and trying out chopsticks. I was so tickled to see how into it they were that I paused in my soup slurping to take a few pictures.

IMG 2872 copy edited-1

IMG 2890 copy edited-1

IMG 2886 copy edited-1

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Ben always spices his food up so much and my dad tries to follow suit. Then my dad gets terrible heartburn. Every time. Here he is right before the pain becomes debilatating.

IMG 2874 copy edited-1

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I handed off my camera to Ben across the table.

IMG 2906 copy edited-1

You can imagine the mess under the table at the end. Being who I am, I can never just leave food all over at a restaurant but always bend down and clean up the lion's share with napkins.

IMG 2934 copy edited-1

Love seeing my little foodies get into their grub.

P. S. I am still on bed rest. 34 weeks, 5 days. Yay for the internet: blogging, facebook, and online shopping.