They've had a crazy few months and they're happy to be in one piece at the end of it. Erica and Chris opted to go ahead and make the family mini session happen even when sweet Su woke up with a stuffy nose the morning of the shoot on top of all the other family  stuff that had gone on in the previous weeks. That morning, Erica wrote on Facebook:

Last year's family photos were carefully planned and executed. I shopped for new attire, coordinating our outfits in a nice, but not in a matchy-matchy way. I came out with incredible photos from Cassandra Hamilton Photography. This year, I haven't shopped and pretty much am trying to plan at the last minute, with a sick baby. I am sure our photos will still be great, due to the incomparable Cassandra, but when I look at them, I think they will more accurately represent the insanity of Fall 2012.

I sure do appreciate Erica's confidence :) and I do agree that last year's shoot was pretty fun, and the shot of Erica and giggling Su is one of my all time favorites! However, I also am thrilled that they decided to go for it even when things felt a little less put together. It's all part of the journey, even the crazy seasons, but through it all what shines is the family and not anyone's perfectly selected shoes. So glad they get this!

In honor of them making it through, I'd like to entitle this picture:

Insanity of Fall 2012.

(I actually took this one at the end when I pushed it all little too far and Su was definitely DONE. I think it'll make them smile, though.)

19-IMG 1846 copy

Natalie, my sweetheart friend, sat with me at the church Thanksgiving dinner. I was so happy to visit with this lovely girl who brought her American dolls for a picture at their mini session.

01-IMG 1586 copy

She's becoming a real young lady and has a lovely smile.

02-IMG 1608 copy


03-IMG 1670 copy

I love reading the updates on this squirrelly boy. It seems he is much the same kind of little boy as my Tymen, always into something and extremely likeable!

05-IMG 1619 copy


04-IMG 1634 copy


13-IMG 1747 copy

Lovely Su. She was pretty determined to see the ducks at the park but gave me some of her signature smiles first.

06-IMG 1644 copy


07-IMG 1645 copy


08-IMG 1685 copy

Ethan's dog made it into this family picture too.

09-IMG 1657 copy


10-IMG 1656 copy


11-IMG 1743 copy


12-IMG 1741 copy


14-IMG 1763 copy

Su was ready to run...a part of the reality of life now :).

15-IMG 1803 copy

Love these few of Chris and Erica at the end. They are the real deal and the love they have for each other and the sense of humor in the middle of it all stands out.

17-IMG 1809 copy

l.o.v.e. (and you'd never guess that during it there was a sweet toddler moaning and getting a bit fussy as she wasn't feeling the best and Ethan running in circles with a stick and Natalie chatting away).

1-IMG 1829 copy


18-IMG 1830 copy

Oh, and a couple of me photographing Ethan that my friend, Chase of Photography by Chase took as he was shooting with me that day.

20- MG 4994

Attack of the silly mousie!

21- MG 5000

Erica and Chris, your family is so awesome. Thanks for trusting me and letting the love you have for your family shine.