This wee girl is pretty special. I had the privilege of PHOTOGRAPHING HER BIRTH and the response to that post has been huge (for me) in both blog traffic and your feedback to me. Thank you for seeing the beauty in such amazing moments. Because Savannah was born right before my trip to Texas, and due to working around some circumstances and schedules, we decided we would do her newborn shoot with the whole family at about three weeks. However, I needed to see that little munchkin before that long and get a few images of her fresh, brand new self so I popped by at five days. I was so glad for an excuse to visit Misty and cuddle her sweetness. IMG 8297 copy edited-1


IMG 9297 copy edited-1

Wrinkly and peeling newborny...sigh.

IMG 9304 copy edited-1

IMG 9351 copy edited-1

We had to play just a tiny bit since her mama has been waiting a long time for a little girlie to dress up.

IMG 9378 copy edited-1

IMG 9419 copy edited-1

Oh Misty, I am so glad we got some of these at just a few days old too.

IMG 9363 copyw


IMG 9362 copy edited-1

IMG 9401 copy edited-1

IMG 9454 copyw

Then even at 23 days, she had already changed so much. What a honey!

IMG 8310 cop edited-1

IMG 8317 copy edited-1

Pointing her toe with her tutu!!!! Eeeek!

IMG 8341 copy edited-1

IMG 8356 copywat

Hayden is such a wonderful big brother and mom and dad have kept him involved and feeling special.

IMG 8367 copy edited-1

Is it bad to love little feet as much as I do :) ?

IMG 8416 copy edited-1

IMG 8469 copy edited-1

IMG 8486 copy edited-1

IMG 8528 copy edited-1

IMG 8512 copy edited-1

IMG 8584 copy edited-1

IMG 8601 copy edited-1

IMG 8612 copy edited-1

I  love this next one.  The looks on their faces are so full of peace and love. What an amazing home this little one has, where her  heart is loved and cherished.

IMG 8624 copy edited-1

IMG 8637 copy edited-1

IMG 8665 copy edited-1

IMG 8680 copy edited-1

Then for the girl who loves fall, what could be better than two sweet pumpkins?

IMG 8779 copy edited-2

Hat by Ashley at

IMG 8808 copy edited-1

IMG 8710 copy edited-1

IMG 8723 copy edited-1

IMG 8746 copy edited-1

IMG 8835 copyw

IMG 8856 copy edited-1

IMG 8846 copy edited-1

Isn't it amazing how you feel nurtured when you nurture and loved when you love?