When we first staggered off the metro with our luggage and came through the labyrinth at the Chatelet Station we were hungry, exhausted and ready to flop down for a long nap. Ben is great at directions so he mapped out how to get to our hotel and I followed along. Weaving through the pedestrians, we arrived at Caron de Beaumarchais. I was admittedly cranky and was definitely concerned that I'd never be able to sleep through the noise of the street. We checked in with Philippe, who was the warmest concierge imaginable and crammed ourselves in the tiny elevator up five floors to our tiny room which faced courtyard. Unbelievably, even with the windows open, it was very quiet there. Our room was tiny but quaint, the service was excellent, and the wifi was free :). Every night someone whose window faced the courtyard (maybe that nice lady in the window top left?) cooked a delicious smelling meal with garlic at about 10:30 p.m. We absolutely loved that our hotel was so close to everything....metro stations, cafes, shopping. It was also just a five minute walk to Notre Dame. We walked all over for hours in the center of the city, and loved that our home base was so easily accessible. Who needs a big room when you have a great location...right?

(See me in the window, bottom right?)

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So the very funniest picture of the trip which makes me laugh wildly every time I see it, is of my dear husband folded up into the tiny bathtub in our tiny bathroom. As patient and long suffering as he is with being photographed, he has absolutely refused to allow me to post it. Even when I tried to tell him that Paul and Julia Childs had a postcard created of them folded up into their bubble bath, he was unmoved.

Instead, here he is showing us the inside of our little abode for the week.

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The Seine is so iconic and it really is just lovely. We crossed over it several times a day on our way here and there and so many of our daily destinations were right along it.

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We checked out a bit of the real estate in the apartments along the Seine and it costs a mint, just as you'd expect.


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People picnicked down along the walkways along the Seine as freshly made sandwiches and drinks are readily available anywhere. We even smiled one day as we saw two nuns swinging their legs over the water and chatting. (Past the trees is the Louvre.)


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Across many of the bridges on the Seine are ‘cadenas d’amour’, or "love locks", which started as a fad a couple of years ago. Many of the locks are engraved with names and after lovers attach their locks to the bridge, they throw the key into the Seine, a symbol of their undying affection.

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On some days we had destinations we were working towards and on other days we wandered. After our cooking class, we walked down the Seine and soon found ourselves right by the Louvre. Before walking the courtyard of the museum, we sat and had a coffee, a rather expensive one but hey, we decided we just needed to go with it and not exchange euros to dollars in our brains at every purchase. This is what we were looking at as we sat and sipped on our cafe cremes, which we soon discovered was our beverage of choice.

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Romantic, no?

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I like his smile.

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Often on the bridges of the Seine, there were performers. Loved this jazz group, all in their shades. French music on the Seine with my love...it was pretty romantic and I promise, I put the camera down and kissed him often.

IMG 2919 copyw


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Along the river were kiosks with old French books and prints, such a fun variety and actually quite affordable.

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After walking on the sidewalks above the Seine most of the first week, we finally took a walk right down by the river, and the part we were at...smelled...bad.

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We quickly realized why....and walked on to a better smelling spot :) .

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Good gracious, did I luck out marrying a guy who lets me take tons of pictures of him, or what?

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One more of my favorite people shots on the Seine was with Fiona, who spent two days with us, showing us Paris and Versailles. I just love her sweet expression here and the way the evening light was so perfect. We were sitting on the wall, chatting by Notre Dame until it was time to send her on the train home.

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And lastly...yours truly.

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In case you missed any of my previous posts on the trip and are interested.....



More to come :).