I do photograph a lot of people that I know. It can give me a bit of an "in" on how approach the kids and how the dynamic of the family feels. I often have a sense of how the relationships go and what to expect. I didn't know Carolyn and her family before I drove up to their beautiful property but I was looking forward to it from the tone of her emails. Coming in from the outside, the warmth and affection that they had for each other was immediately so clear and I was delighted to be there with them.

Seeing the way Brian put his hand on Carolyn's back as they were standing together, how Paige grinned at her parents, and how Carolyn smiled as she saw Paige with her daddy was very telling.

We started out in Paige's room and this little lady charmed me from the very beginning. What a clever, fun, affectionate and beautiful girl!

IMG 1201 copy edited-1

She had a fun little desk by a large window which let in gorgeous light.

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See that little tongue coming out? :)

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Brian and Carolyn have this gorgeous property with all kinds of lovely little gardens, decks and seating areas. Brian even build a "teahouse" for the woods, just like one they saw at a wedding.

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Such a sweet monkey.

IMG 1409 copywat

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She was testing out if she liked butter. Yep, she did. That's my kind of girl.

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Eeek! I want her shoes.

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They've been a family for quite a while now, but these were their first family pictures since Brian officially adopted Paige a couple months ago. The two of them have something special going on.

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IMG 1485 copywat

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I found it hard to believe, but Carolyn told me Paige had been a bit of a grumpy bear when she woke up from her nap. She fed her and gave her some wake up time and this was the happy heart I got to see the whole time. One of the things I love about doing single family sessions is that I have the time to chat and play with the littles which makes all the difference in how they respond. I wanted to take this one home with me.

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Paige and her mommy had matching toes.

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When I was in the kitchen I saw the message on the chalkboard which has been up since Mother's Day. Forget the grocery lists and reminders...this should stay up a long, long time.

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Oh, I love this one too. Brown eyed beauties.

IMG 1569 copy edited-1

I left with a real sense of why I love photographing families like this. It is such a privilege. Thank you for a wonderful time!