I lived away from my family for about ten years.  From straight out of high school until I got married in my late twenties I lived in Texas and then for a year in California.  There were a lot of birthdays, bbq’s and get togethers I missed.  One of the best things about moving up to Washington several years ago was being just a hop, skip and jump from my family again.  Now we get to celebrate a lot of birthdays and holidays and we all make the effort to go back and forth between BC and WA to meet up.

My sister invited us all up to their new vacation home in Whistler and we jumped on the opportunity.  When I picked up Jasper early from school on Friday,  he pumped his fist in the air and roared, “VA-CA-TION!!!!”  We packed everyone in the van, limited beverages, stopped in Horseshoe Bay for fish and chips and a walk by the ferries.  Then we drove the Sea to Sky Highway at sunset on the last leg of the journey.  Auntie Kel and the gang greeted us with s’more makings and the cousins all hugged/tackled/squeezed.  We spent the weekend hiking, swimming, talking and playing at playgrounds.  The kids scuffled a little over who got to hold Farley’s leash and Tymen almost made it down the slide with the old pooch. 

We had a fantastic time.


“Livy, do you want to share with Auntie?”

“Nope. Mine.”08-whistler-2109-whistler-2210-whistler-2711-whistler-30


Liv gets a “coffee”.19-whistler-6520-whistler-6621-whistler-67

Tired boy after all that playing and swimming.22-whistler-7123-whistler-7324-whistler-7425-whistler-75

30 minutes of movie time at the end of the day and they were cooked!26-whistler-7627-whistler-7728-whistler-7929-whistler-8030-whistler-8131-whistler-8332-whistler-8533-whistler-88

Quinn takes some selfies on her mummy’s phone.34-whistler-8935-whistler-92

Scaring us in the bushes were some wild animals!36-whistler-9437-whistler-9538-whistler-9639-whistler-10040-whistler-10341-whistler-10442-whistler-105