It’s one of our favorite things to do each Christmas…the Christmas tree farm.  I had my doubts that the Christmas Tree Weather Miracle was going to be happening this year when I looked out my window at 8 a.m. this morning to see driving snow/freezing rain.  The Christmas Tree Weather Miracle each year has happened with dry skies, even when torrential storms and rain have sandwiched in this day.  It was cold but hello, when do we get to pick out our tree in the snow??  Besides, the snow had dwindled by about 9:30 and we went for it along with Meghan and our good friends!  We indulged in some mini donuts, took the train out where this cheap Dutch girl argued against the most expensive type of tree but caved eventually, and threw a few snowballs.

In the end we had cold feet, snowy trees and happy hearts!

01-tree farm-202-tree farm-403-2014.112404-tree farm-1105-tree farm-1406-tree farm-1607-tree farm-18

Theo smiling like the cat who swallowed the canary, sitting across from Sierrup (Sierra).08-tree farm-2209-tree farm-2410-tree farm-2611-tree farm-2812-tree farm-3213-tree farm-3314-tree farm-3515-tree farm-3716-tree farm-3917-tree farm-4118-tree farm-43

He didn’t want to wear that hat….until I suggested that Sierrup would probably love it.  Then he jammed it on his head.19-tree farm-4520-tree farm-46

Thank you to the nice man who took our group shot for us!21-tree farm-47