I’m having to trust the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words, for I come to a loss to express just how much joy and love this boy brings to our family.  His laugh rings regularly, he has a big chipmunky grin that we all vie for, and his special spot is cuddled right in the middle of our family being adored by all.  He kisses liberally and loves his whoopie cushion.  He never meets a stranger and loves to lavish the ones he loves with artwork.  He prizes being like the big kids but still pretty much runs the show as the baby of the family. Four years old. It’s really hard to grasp.  Four feels a lot older than three and though it’s so much fun to see him grow, I feel the tension of wanting to forever capture these days.  We love this boy.  His name means Gift From God, and that is what he truly is to us, every day.  We love you, Theo Maddox!

Two birthday sessions this year, which is what you get for having a photographer for a mama and being her constant muse and sidekick.  One was at a local bridge. The other at the river near our home.  I included some at the end with his bookend and big sister, Ruby.