Thanksgiving kind of snuck up on me this year. I've been head down working away at editing all the sessions I've been blessed to do (almost completely caught up!) and busy with our houseful of crazies and suddenly we're here. My beloved husband has had the week off. He's terrible at tracking his holidays and using his time off and when I had him check a few weeks ago, it turned out he had a bunch of time to burn or lose at the end of the year. It's been fun having him around for some extra time. This morning he sent me off to use my Groupon spa package that I bought as a celebration of coming to the end of such a busy photography season. I blissfully enjoyed my sugar scrub, hot stone massage and peppermint pedicure. I am sure I thanked everyone so enthusiastically that they all wondered if I had been out in a while.

Ben took all the kids to the store to pick up last minute items for me (God bless him!). Navigating crazy stores is not my favorite thing to do. He's good to me.

When they got home I quickly spun through in five minutes and got a quick picture of each of my dearest ones.

My sleeping little booga.

IMG 5360 copyw

Ruby and her turkey. My very favorite thing that was on her "Thankful Turkey" was that I am loved. I can't even say how much that warmed my heart.

IMG 5319 copyw

Jasper and his handprint turkey placemat. He's terribly excited about using it tomorrow.

IMG 5322 copyw


IMG 5335 copyw

I've so been enjoying this month of hearing what everyone has been thankful for. It's reminded me of that Sunday School song from long ago. Count your blessings, name them one by one. Count your blessings see what God has done. Count your blessings, name them one by one. And you'll be surprised at what the Lord has done.

I so want to teach my children the gift of thankfulness. Listing off the things we are thankful for is something that we do almost daily through the year, especially when we are on our way somewhere in the van. It's a sweet reminder that we are blessed.

The one thing that I have done this month as we've headed towards this time is make a Thankful Poster together. Each night I have had the kids and Ben and I think of something new to write that we are thankful for. Poor Tymen has had to work really hard to find new things because every day he has recited off family members again. With Theo, we have interpreted for him what he's thankful for: cheese, bananas, cuddles, diapers, kisses. Ruby has written her own. We've run the length of the little things like taco salad, sippy cups and tissues to the huge things like God's love, forgiveness, and family. It's been a great conversation starter for us.

IMG 5371 copy edited-1

IMG 5364 copyw

Seeing this poster reminds me of something my pastor said years ago. When we belong to God, hard things can happen....but our lives are characterized by blessing.

I want my children to cultivate and grow that light of thankfulness and giving. I want them to recognize all that they have been given and to learn to see those that they can bless. I want them to recognize the hand of our Lord who covers and blesses us as we walk with Him.

Last thing before I round up the crazies for pie baking. I am thankful for you, dear ones. Those of you who have allowed me to photograph you, those of you who have cheered me with your kind words over the images we have created. I never would have guessed when I started Cassandra Hamilton Photography two and a half years ago, how much I would love it. The creativity, the people I have met, the joy it has brought me has been amazing. Thank you for your support and kindness.

Happy Thanksgiving!