It's absolutely alarming how fast this baby of ours is growing up. Look...

IMG 5797 copynew

Yikes! How does this happen??

IMG 7089 onemo

I have never had a fat baby before. Jasper and Ruby had big, chubby cheeks but were right on the low to normal side for weight. With Tymen the doctor was concerned with how long but skinny he was. Because I nursed him, I even weighed his diapers to see how much he was getting....crazy, paranoid mummy. No worries here. This baby boy is getting plenty.

He really is a little angel. That is, except when he is hungry. That's when he squeaks and squeals and I tell Ben, the squeaky wheel gets the milk.

IMG 7115 copywat

How I love to kiss those fat cheeks and munch on his neck and kiss that belly (the redeeming advantage of changing all those diapers).

I am also loving to see him be smothered with affection from his siblings. Yesterday, Ruby wanted to read him a story and settled on Snuggle Puppy, one of our all time baby favorites. I read that book dozens and dozens of times to her and the boys, and you can see the wear. I love his face on the second picture where Ruby reads the instructions (Oooooh, I love you {BIG SMOOCH}).

IMG 7149 copywat

IMG 7181 copywat

He's just who we needed.