It was our first time going to Great Wolf Lodge. When I have checked into it before, it seemed to be an arm and a leg. However, this time we got a deal (thanks to my friend, Angela and The Coupon Project) and it was too good to pass up. On our first scheduled date, we were moaning and groaning with the flu so we had to reschedule and were definitely glad that all of us were feeling like ourselves again for this trip.

The mood in the van when our destination was announced was along the lines of wild hysteria. They were so excited and carrying on about all the fun they'd have. This is the BEST DAY EVERRRRRRR!!!!

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It always makes me laugh to see Theo walk into new situations like he owns the place. He strode in, pointed down the hall, and commanded Ben. "Lad (Dad), GO!"

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We arrived at our suite and the kids were rolling around on the beds, leaping around and Tymen and Jasper decided that when they grew up and were dads, they'd live there forever. We all changed into swimsuits and mummy left her camera behind as we all went to the water park. Such fun! Then when it closed we returned for baths, snacks and movie time before a late bedtime.

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There are some perks to being the oldest. Ruby stayed up with mum and dad for some treats while the boys went to bed. Always able to sit on daddy's lap.

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In the morning, we had brought our own breakfast and Ben ran off to hunt down caffeination for the adults.

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We wandered around and enjoyed the main lobby. It is beautiful and very kid friendly. We did the magic wand hunt around but honestly, it wasn't our favorite thing. Theo was yelling angrily whenever anyone but him held the wand and it was a little too wizardy for my taste. Then we headed off to the craft area and to listen to a show.


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The waterpark was the big hit, obviously. I was impressed with how the lifeguards were really on the watch and carefully supervising. I lifejacketed all the boys up so I wouldn't be quite so nervous if they got a little away from me. I liked that there were lots of different things to do for all skill and comfort levels. It also seemed quite well maintained, though the amount of signs warning against peeing and pooping in the pool started to make me wonder just how much of that went on. Eeek.

I kept my camera out for a half hour to shoot the kids from the side, especially after one time when I walked a little into one area and got sprayed. I dashed back and grabbed a souvenier towel from the swim shop to wipe down my camera. A great shot is only worth getting so close to the water and certainly isn't worth wrecking my equipment ;). It was really fun seeing the happy grins on the faces of my kids. They were bobbing, floating, sliding and showing me that all these swimming lessons are paying off.

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I sure wish I could bottle that laugh as Theo was "getting" daddy.



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Our toes were all pretty raisiny at the end as we packed up to head home, exhausted, at the end. Happy and tired, a great combination.